Thursday, July 10, 2008

SYTYCD Top 12 predictions

For the last two weeks, I've had pretty strong opinions, but this week I'm far more confused. I thought a lot of the partners had one great performance and one not-so-great, most notably Will and Jessica who had my favorite (mostly nakey) performance of the night, but then also that stinky stinky quickstep. Will people vote thanks to the awesome dance, or not vote due to the terrible dance? And I think by this time, you also have to factor in that people have favorites that they'll vote for no matter how well they danced in the current week.

Yes, I freely admit I think too much about this!

Okay, let's get to it. I don't know who I'm going to pick yet, so this will be as much of a surprise for me as for you!

Bottom Three predictions:

1) Comfort and Thayne: Okay, I'm pretty sure about this one. I would be exceedingly shocked if they weren't in the bottom three. Their hip hop was okay. I mean, Thayne wasn't painful to watch like Chris had been. But Comfort just wasn't phenomenal, which is what I would have expected from her. And their contemporary piece: I'd comment, except that it put me to sleep. Sorry.

2) Kherrington and Twitch: Ack! I don't know if they'll be in the bottom three. Twitch just isn't doing it for me as much as he used to, and they didn't really stand out tonight. Their krump wasn't bad, but Kerrington looked like she was about to pass out by the end. She just ran out of steam. I loved how someone (Mia probably) was like "I usually hate all krump". I'm sure the choreographer was happy to hear all his previous routines hadn't lived up to her high standards. And their second dance, the smooth tango, just wasn't that special. The way they'd talked about it, I thought it would be more violent, like they were fighting. But it really wasn't. I was disappointed.

3) Jessica and Will: I'm so not sure about this. TK seems pretty convinced it'll be Jessica and Will in the bottom three; I was leaning a bit toward Courtney and Gev. As I said earlier, Jessica and Will's naked dance was my favorite of the night, but their quickstep was my least favorite. Are people getting as annoyed as I am by the weeks of over-praise of Will and will that make them refrain from voting? Or will the judges' absolutely atrocious criticism of Jessica give them some pity votes? My favorite was when Mia criticized Jessica for being too insecure. Hmmm, I wonder why the poor girl is insecure when every comment she gets is how she's nowhere near as good a dancer as Will.

I wouldn't be surprised if Courtney and Gev were in the bottom three, even though they won't be my official guess. My favorite comment was when Mia gave them a "compliment" that started out as basically, "I've never liked you, and you're not the best dancers, but...". Um, Mia, there's no possible compliment that you could give them that would cancel out that insult.

I also wouldn't be entirely shocked if Mark and Chelsie were in the bottom three, although the judges liked both of their routines well enough. I wasn't overly impressed by either, though, and was especially distracted by Mark's electrical tape suspenders in the Broadway number.

The only couple I really think is safe tonight is Katee and Joshua. They've been a bit of a surprise to me. Their waltz wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible, either (at least not in my mind). And the Bollywood dance was very fun.

Going home tonight: I have to imagine it'll be Comfort and Thayne. Thayne I'm pretty darn sure of...he's clearly the weakest of the guys who are left so no matter who else is in the bottom three, I think he'll go. Comfort I'm slightly less sure of. They might get rid of Jessica if she's in the bottom three, since Comfort is a more distinctive dancer to go out on the tour. And we already know Mia doesn't like Courtney, so Courtney might be at risk if she's in the bottom three. But if we're going purely according to ability across all dance styles, Comfort really is the weakest so probably should be sent home. Plus, it sounds like Comfort's shoulder is continuing to be an issue, so they might be worried about her endurance to continue in the top 10. So I'll guess Comfort is going home tonight.

I told you, I'm wishy washy this week.

What do you think? I get a lot of random google hits for SYTYCD related searches...feel free to leave you comments, strangers. I welcome friendly heckling!

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