Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Fine Art of Compromise

The boys are getting so good at reaching compromises. And as an added bonus, the compromises they reach, that make them so pleased, are usually absolutely hilarious. Here are two conversations we had today:

We were talking about how when the baby comes, there's no place in our house now for the baby to sleep. B-man immediately offered to let the baby sleep in their room. I explained that babies cry a lot and wake up during the night, so while it was really nice of him to offer his room, it would be too annoying for him and N-man to have a baby sleeping in their room. N-man had this awesome solution: "How about we put the baby in the closet?"

Both N-man and B-man think that's the perfect solution. The baby is small...the closet is small. It has a door so they won't hear the crying. I don't know, it's kind of hard to argue with that logic!


Later, I was driving with the boys in the van. They were talking about a new house, asking what color it was going to be. I explained that we won't know until we find our new house. N-man said he wanted it to be yellow. B-man disagreed, demanding blue. The two started arguing back and forth with one another. Finally N-man suggested this awesome compromise: "Okay, B-man, how about the front of the house is blue and the back is yellow?" They both agreed this would work for them.

B-man then asked me what color it makes if you mix yellow and blue. I told him green, so his suggested compromise was a green house. N-man agreed that a green house would be a workable solution.

So I guess we better narrow our search to houses that are either a) green, or b) half blue, half yellow.


I just love this age! Three and a half years old is so fun!


jongirl said...

Those boys crack us up! Now, don't you go and have a BIG BABY ... don't want he/she cluttering up the closet in your two-tone house. HA

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! Good luck finding a green house.

Margaret said...

That age is great. My son just turned 4, so we have been going through this stage too.

Nancy said...

HAH! Oh man. They're so smart. I can't wait to read about how they deal with the new baby...should be some great posts there :)

Threeundertwo said...

I love it. You can hear those little wheels of logic turning.

I especially love the half blue/half yellow house idea. Perfect.

Ronnica said...

Love these compromises!