Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's your fortune say?

I made fortune cookies with the boys today. It's been something I've been meaning to do, since we can't eat at Chinese restaurants because of B-man's nut allergies. I never get to eat fortune cookies anymore!

Anyway, I used this recipe (scroll down past the wonton soup recipe), subbing orange and vanilla extracts for lemon and almond. I don't know how it turned out as we won't eat any until after dinner. It only made 9 cookies, and I think I made them too thick since they're kind of doughy in the middles instead of crunchy all the way through. It was pretty easy, though.

But I'm not really writing this to tell you about the cookies. What I want to tell you about are the fortunes. I decided to let the boys write the fortunes. I set up a table in word, then they told me what kind of clip art to add, and what to write. Here are some of the examples:

  • Next to a picture of a dog, "No touching locks".
  • Next to a picture of a horn, "I had a good day".
  • Next to a picture of a soccer ball, "Happy Birthday."
I love how random N-man is. It's no one's birthday. We have no rule about locks, neither pro nor con touching them. While I'm glad he's having a good day, why did he want a picture of a horn next to it? We didn't play with any horns today. He's a lovely mystery!

  • Next to a picture of a beehive, "Don't eat bugs."
  • Next to a picture of a dog, "Don't eat doggies."
  • Next to a picture of a tuba, "Don't drink milk out of a tuba."
I love the really good advice B-man choose to share. He always wrote a "fortune" that was related to the picture he chose. He's much more linear in his thought-process than N-man.

We wrote tons more fortunes. Far more than could fill our nine cookies. I should have doubled up! Or maybe I'll try this recipe again, using less batter for each cookie and spreading it far more thinly to try to get the traditionally thin crunchy cookies.

This was truly a case, though, where it doesn't really matter how the cookies turn out. It was lots of fun making them, and that's good enough for me. Though I hope when we try them after dinner they are yummy!


jongirl said...

Those boys are a hoot! They have their mommy's sense of humor ... stand-up comics in the future?...
and must keep you rolling with laughter! Your fortune: "You are blessed with two wonderful sons"

jules said...

wow. homemade fortune cookies? i'm very impressed. you partake in such fun activities with your boys. (wonder how much longer i'll be able to say that. "the boys" that is.)

Ronnica said...

Love their fortune-writing skills! No more/less random than what you get from the restaurant!

mommy4life said...

These fortunes are better than some I've gotten in restaurants! LOL! Came by from SITS!

kindsfather said...

I love this and I am so going to make these this weekend!!!

Amy said...

thats awesome, fun idea, and cute boys! I want to try this just to see what they come up with now.

Jeanne said...

Oh my gosh! I was just about to take the first sip of milk out of my tuba. Please thank N-man for stopping what could have been a real mess!