Friday, February 6, 2009

Random cuteness

The boys have been pretty darn cute recently, if I do say so myself. I thought I'd share just a few of the things that have made me smile/laugh recently:

We told the boys about the new baby coming one night at dinner while we were having soup. We talked about how mommy had a baby in her tummy, blah, blah, blah. Conversation over, a few minutes go by, and I take another bite of soup. N-man looks at me askew and asks, "Why are you putting soup on the baby's head?"

We had to explain about how I have a stomach for food, and a separate spot called the uterus where the baby grows. Now if I talk about the "baby in my tummy", B-man always corrects me and says, "It's not in your tummy! It's in your UTER!"


We went to an open house last weekend. Not so much with the intent to buy, but to see what was available in our price range. N-man loved it, asking us repeatedly if we could stay there. We had to explain that we'll look at LOTS of houses before we find our house. Not to mention that the house was pretty horrid, so it was especially funny that he loved it!


I've been looking at online house listings as well from time to time. I found a house in our price range that has a library! I mean, absolutely nothing else about the house would meet our needs, but it has a library! With built-in shelves! I've been talking it up and showing the boys and TK the online pictures. Now whenever we see a house online, B-man wants to know if it has a library. Sorry to break it to you, bub, but houses with libraries are right out of our price range, except this one odd ball! I love that he wants a house with a library as much as I do, though I suspect he thinks there will be a pet turtle and story hours, just like at our town library!


Potty training N-man is still completely kicking my butt, but yesterday when he successfully made it to the potty, he invented the pee pee celebration dance. It was pretty hilarious, and looked like something you'd see in a Snoopy movie. I hope we have many more pee pee celebrations in the future!


N-man is super interested in rhyming right now. Everything we say, he rhymes right back to us. "N-man, it's time for dinner," we say. "No it's not," he answers, "it's time for LINNER!" I don't know why, but it cracks us up every time. Which I'm sure is why he keeps it up.


I've been sitting on the couch more than usual, thanks to near constant morning sickness (it's getting better, I HOPE!). The boys will play near me, and I'll interact by talking to them. B-man has started "mommy breaks" where he stops playing and comes over to cuddle with me for a minute or two. He's just the sweetest, cuddliest little kid!


Jeanne said...

It's wonderful that you're giving yourself the time and the attention to treasure these moments as they occur.

I went to Columbus last weekend to babysit while the moms went to a hockey game and played catch with Phinn, who just turned two. When I managed to snag the ball he said, "Good catch, Grandma!" Little kids crack me up.

jules said...

i have no idea where n-man gets his sense of humor ;).

Epicurean said...

Have some protein to get rid of morning sickness! It worked for me! Your boys crack me up all the time, so funny!

Amy said...

your boys are "pretty darn cute!" I love how you capture these moments.

Threeundertwo said...

I'm so sorry about the morning sickness - that's just the worst thing.

The boys are so cute. It's such a fun age. Getting a new house must be so exciting for them!

Nancy said...

Hah! Snoopy Dance. That's awesome. :)

And rhyming everything...pretty clever.

Hope the morning sickness passes soon!! (And on to the cravings... ;) )

Ronnica said...

Oh, the soup-on-baby's-head question totally makes sense. At least they're thinking it through!