Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bon Jovi rocks, but not that much

One of my friends was telling me about a Bon Jovi concert she is going to, and asked if I wanted to go. Only problem is the tickets are $175. $175! To see Bon Jovi! I was telling TK about it. I mean, I like Bon Jovi, and I somehow missed ever seeing them in their heyday, so I wouldn't mind going to a Bon Jovi show. But $175? I just don't like them *that* much.

So, TK and I started talking about what bands we would be willing to pay $175 to see. There was a long silence as we thought about it. Both of us like music, and both of us, in our younger days, saw a slew of concerts. In fact, TK did see Bon Jovi in the 80's, and said it was awesome, although he trashed Skid Row, who opened for Bon Jovi. I refuse to believe that my imaginary celebrity boyfriend Sebastian Bach was anything less than amazing, so I'm not sure I can trust his opinion.

Anyway, we were thinking and thinking and thinking, and couldn't come up with anything. Until I said, "well, I'd pay $175 to be sent back in time to see a Nirvana concert before Kurt Cobain died. Or, if they brought Jerry Garcia back from the dead, I'd pay $175 to see The Grateful Dead. And the Beatles? $175 would be a bargain!" Apparently, for $175, I expect a miracle of some sort.

Seriously, though, who is the band you would pay $175 to see? I'm sure most people have one. I think TK and I are odd...perhaps we're getting too old or something, or perhaps we're just in a music slump where there just aren't any bands that we love beyond reason. So who do you love enough that you'd part with your hard-earned $175?

Random unrelated thought: I went out with a girlfriend last night. We met at the bar in a local restaurant. Okay, fine. I don't drink (well, except really girly drinks like frozen strawberry margaritas). So I order an iced tea. I get a strange look from the bartender, but whatever. After we had been there a little while, we decide to order some food. What do I get? Strawberry shortcake. The woman working at the bar actually laughed at me!

I don't think I'm allowed to sit at the bar. An iced tea and a strawberry shortcake apparently aren't appropriate bar-food choice. Hey, now I know.


10 lbs of awesome in a 5 lb bag said...

I figure I'm going to pay a lot more than $175 when I go see Led Zeppelin come to the US.

Amnesia said...

I am not sure if there is anyone I would see for that kind of money. The Police is close, but I have discovered that I am too old for concerts. It is true! We took our daughters to see Matt Nathanson, and although I loved it - I hated how late we were out, the standing room only venue (I hate you House of Blues) and the lack of superior sound as heard on the digital tracks. Our music options are so great now, that live sucks.

Giovanna said...

I'd so pay $ to see U2!!! Maroon 5- Jewel- Tori Amos- Dixie Chicks....and Barbara Streisand.....but they'd have to all be good seats. I don't see the point to going to concerts if you have crap seats.

Jen said...

Dude! Bon Jovi rocks! $175 were the cheap seats.. *laff*

Aside from the fact that my spouse almost left me after finding out that I gave the go-ahead for my sister to purchase me a ticket.. I don't regret it at all.. but it will be the highest amount that I've paid to see a rock concert. What happened to the days of seeing Metallica, GnR and Faith No More for $35?

We're thinking of getting tickets to see Billy Joel.. but they are $95 and my sister and I aren't sure we would stay married if we try to go to that one too.

Let's see.. I'd see nuno bettencourt for 175.. I'd see the Beatles and early Elvis.. I'd see Aerosmith.. oh.. and Queen.. definitely queen.. Brian May is an awesome guitarist!

Btw.. you forgot to mention that Daughtry is opening for Bon Jovi.. that adds something to it you have to admit! :)

What A Card said...

10 lbs of awesome: okay, I could see Led Zeppelin. I mean, I wouldn't pay to go see them, but I can see it...

Amnesia, I worry too that I'm too old for concerts. I'm not even sure who Matt Nathanson is!

Giovanna, I had the boys listening to Tori Amos earlier this week and taught them to say "I love Tori" :) I don't mind crap seat. One of my favorite shows ever was seeing The Cure, and we were 3 rows from the very back!

Jen, how could I forget Queen! Everytime TK and I are listening to them, we have the same conversation: "Freddie Mercury had such an amazing voice." "Yeah, he really did". It's like we can't let it pass unnoticed...

I don't know who Daughtry is. I thought he was some guy who lost on AI, but I might be totally off-base. Feel free to laugh uproariously now!