Saturday, February 23, 2008

I love winter. Just keep repeating that mantra until April...

I do love winter. Really. Now here comes that complaining you knew had to follow.

I appreciate the snowplow drivers. I know that job has to stink...long hours, through the night, and it just keeps on snowing! However, the person who plowed our road last night was not very good. He missed the edge of the road by nearly 3 feet, which meant I had to shovel nearly three feet past the end of my driveway. That's a lot of extra shoveling. And, we have a u-shaped driveway. Convenient for turning around, but that means we have two "end of the driveway" sections, which everyone knows is the worst.

Compounding the problem, we have pretty much no where to put the snow from our driveway. We have a huge pine tree in the middle of the u of our driveway, and the house is on the other side. Which means whenever you get a shovel full of snow, you have to walk it halfway down the driveway until you get the pile, which quickly becomes taller than me. Throwing snow as high as one's head is not easy, and when the wind would blow, I'd end up with snow in my face and falling down inside my coat.

Cars driving by on the road sprayed me with icy, slushy, salty water.

Oh, obviously our snowblower isn't working. Yay, shoveling! I called into my husband after about 20 minutes with no noticeable dent made in the amount of snow covering our driveway and asked him if he would come out with the boys to help.

The boys "helped" us shovel. They were pretty funny, but they kept pulling down all of our piles of snow back into the driveway. It was anti-shoveling. They had a good time, though.

When we finally finished, we decided to go to a local park to go sledding. The boys still aren't loving sledding. They especially don't like sledding down through powdery snow that blows in their faces. But I love it, so that was fun for me!

And then we all had hot chocolate when we got home. Maybe this winter thing is okay.

Random unrelated thought: Despite the sledding being fun, I still think I need this day to include a frozen strawberry margarita. If the boys wake up early enough, I'm going to try to convince TK we should go out to my favorite Mexican restaurant. Wish me luck!

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