Monday, February 11, 2008

Just in case I need more practice...

Here it is, my list of things to worry about for the boys when I've run out of real things to worry about:
  • That my boys will want to play football when they grow up.
  • That my boys will listen to country music.
  • That my boys will listen to pop music.
  • That they will grow up to be Republicans.
  • That they'll cut class in high school to do something like smoke pot or hang out with their significant others.
  • That they will *never* cut class in high school to do something a little bit bad.
  • That one day they'll want to spend every holiday with their spouses' families.
  • That they won't like each other.
  • That they'll grow up to be "supertwins" know, those twins who never spend a minute apart and only want to marry other twins and live together and work together.
  • That they won't get into a good college.
  • That they won't want to go to college.
  • That they'll need to go into therapy because their mother is neurotic.
  • That despite all advice I've gotten to the contrary, they'll got to high school either in diapers or sucking their thumbs.
  • That I'll get called in for teacher's conferences every day because they're the class clowns.
Oh, I have plenty of real things to worry about. Just figured I should continue honing my skills. You never know, they may add an Olympic event in worrying, and I'd like to be ready to represent the United States.

So, what are your favorite non-issues to worry about?

Random unrelated thought: Despite saying that I was going to look for a short, light book to read, I picked up A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving. It's good so far, but I'm wary as the only thing I've read by him previously was A Son of the Circus, and I found that book to be an epic struggle between me and complete boredom. So he's on notice...this book better be great or I'm going to refuse to read anything else by him, no matter how many people tell me he's an amazing author. Wish me luck...I may be limping through this book for weeks to come.


Amnesia said...

I worry that my boys will play football too. Please, not football! I could tolerate the country music, or the pop music. I am not going to get started on the politics, because as soon as I tell them one thing they will march right out and to the freaking opposite just to spite me.

I am quite certain they will be in pull ups forever.

Maggie said...

What? Things I worry about may be non-issues? Ya got me on this one. Having a kid who is actually at higher risk for some medical stuff is torture for the hypochondriac in me (wait - is it hypochondria if it's about my daughter and not me?? Anyway...) It's like I'm justified in worrying about every sniffle because MAYBE this is "it", whatever "it" may be. It's crazy making, I tell ya.
But what really worries me and keeps me and her papa up at night -- will she want to be a cheerleader? Will she listen to Kiss FM (or the local equivalent). Will she be a tree hugging liberal? Oh the horror!!! :-)

Giovanna said...
my list of worries:
I worry if they will not be friends, if they will be happy and healthy, if they will move far away from home, if Christian eats a peanut, if they will give me good daughter-n-laws etc.

What A Card said...

Amnesia, I worry too that my boys will be exact opposites of me...whether to spite me or to annoy me, or just plain ol' luck!

Maggie, how funny would it be to go to our 30 year high school reunion with pictures of our cheerleader/football players!

Giovanna, I don't know, those fears sound mostly rational to me! Won't it be fun to one day be the evil mother-in-law? Hee!

KCSummertime said...

Oh, I hope hope hope hope hope that you like Owen Meany. I think I mentioned that my fave by him is Cider House Rules, but Owen Meany is a close #2. I really hope you like it.

I worry that my daughter will hate theatre. I worry that she'll think showtunes are annoying, not fun & catchy. I worry that she won't like to read--what will we TALK about if she doesn't like books?? I worry that she'll spend as much time talking about me in therapy as I do talking about MY mom. :)

What A Card said...

Hee, hee, good one about the show tunes! Although, sometimes I worry N-man likes the show tunes too much. He's a drama-geek in the works, which is a-ok with me :)

I don't think you have to worry about the books. When we watched the little one, she kept bringing me books to read!

Owen Meany is going okay. It's not a FAST read, but it's interesting so far. I'm about 1/4 done..