Saturday, February 9, 2008

A food epiphany

I just realized, there are only two different kinds of food in the world: foods that taste better if you add mushrooms and/or onion, and foods that taste better if you add chocolate.

Think about it. It's a universal truth. Soup: add onions or mushrooms. Fruit: add chocolate. Eggs: add onions and mushrooms. Mexican food: add chocolate. Or onions. Stew: mushrooms and onions. Doritos: chocolate (don't knock it until you try like chocolate covered pretzels, right? I rest my case!)

Just try to think of a food that doesn't fit in one of these two categories. Or perhaps this just elucidates my culinary love affair with mushrooms, onion, and chocolate. Maybe normal people don't add at least one of these three ingredients to every dish.

Random unrelated thought: I just finished Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. I have to say, it's currently on my "all-time favorites" list. I absolutely loved it. It's strange. The structure was oddly reminiscent of My Sister's Boring Keeper, but it completely escaped being gimmicky. I'm glad I read these two books so close together, since Kafka on the Shore was such a beautiful example of an interesting structure adding to the story rather than detracting from it. I won't say more since I know a few of my book group members are reading (hi!), but I just had to comment on how wonderful this book was.

I'm not sure what I will read next. I've got to take a look at my "to read" pile on the book shelf. I have a few long tomes waiting, but I think I might need something quick and light.


KCSummertime said...

Wheat Chex.

Wheat Chex + Mushrooms = GROSS
Wheat Chex + Onions = YUCK
Wheat Chex + Chocolate = FEH

Some people might try to come back with,"What about Muddy Buddies--that delicious chocolately Chex treat!?!?" and to them I say again, "FEH."


What A Card said...

Yes, I will come back with Muddy Buddies. We always called it Puppy Chow, though. I love that. In fact, it was one of my food-mournings when I found out B-man is allergic to peanuts. I had been so excited to make Puppy Chow, and now he'll never know that delicious treat.

Hey, I wonder if Soybean Butter would work? Hmmmm.

Also, I believe there is onion powder in chex mix. Kind of pushing the onion definition, but I'm just sayin' :)