Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If only reading was a workout!

I've been continuing to go to the gym in the wee-hours of the morning. No rational person should be up so early. So of course I have to worry about the zillion other people at the gym, because clearly they are irrational and not to be trusted.

Anyway, I've been continuing to tell myself that I feel good...more energetic and healthy. You would think with all the lying to myself I do that I'd be better at it by now. But, I persist. The past two gym visits, however, my subconscious mind has had different plans. As I was driving by the library, both times I nearly turned into the parking lot. Blinker on, starting to turn the wheel, when it suddenly occurred to me I was not going to the library and that I had to continue on down the road to the gym.

But how I wish I was going to the library instead. Why doesn't the library open at 5:30am? I think I could trust people up that early if they were up to read. And why doesn't reading improve my physical health like it does my mental health?

Random unrelated thought: We've been listening to Laurie Berkner and Dan Zanes all afternoon and while they are certainly the more enjoyable of the kids' CDs, I was starting to lose my mind. There are only so many songs about snack food one can listen to. So I just put on Regina Spektor. B-man is singing along. N-man is playing guitar. I guess there is some hope for their musical tastes.


Mary Ellen said...

Hey -- found you thru Snickollet...
About your local food efforts, I was just reading about the "Marco Polo" exception, which basically allows you to add items (like salt or spices) that could have traveled in the pocket of a sailor for six months. (Um. Appetizing thought, that...)
Good luck!

What A Card said...

Oh, good one, Mary Ellen! As an added plus, I'll imagine my food arriving via sailor pockets now, and giggling wildly. And washing things off a little better, I expect :)

Thanks for comment...hi!