Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Oh dear, that wasn't pretty

I went this morning at 6am to workout after the previous fiasco at the gym daycare. In theory, it's going to work very well I think. I'm a morning person, so this shouldn't be too bad. However, there were a few problems.

First, I got the best elliptical this morning...the one right in front of the window so I can look out onto the world. I don't have headphones, so I can't listen to music or TV. If I don't get the elliptical looking out the window, I have to spend my time staring at a blank wall. Which is fine, but the window is better. So, I was pretty excited this morning. For about 10 seconds. Until I realized that since it was pitch black outside, the window was effectively a mirror. Staring at myself working out is far, far worse than staring at a blank wall.

Now I know.

And to make matters worse, I'm slow. So I look like death 5 minutes into the workout, and I'm not even going fast. It took me a little over ten minutes to go half a mile. How can that be? I used to run track in high school, and the half-mile was one of my main races. I was pretty much always under 3 minutes for a half mile. Yes, I've had knee injuries since then. Yes, I'm 15 years older. Yes, I wasn't sprinting. Yes, I'm out of shape. But still, that seems awfully slow.

Then, I went to do the weight circuit. I was right behind aging super-guy. I mean, this guy had to be over 50 years old, and he looked slight. But he was lifting at least quadruple what I was at each circuit. Okay, fine, I'm not trying to bulk up, just tone, so I lift lighter weights. But still...it made me feel like a big wimp.

All in all, it wasn't my best self-esteem morning. I came home and put on a big sweater. Because it's cold out. Sure, that's my story.

On the plus side, I do feel pretty good.

Random unrelated thought: The boys and I made some carrot oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It took nearly two hours to make the dough since I had two little helpers. I can't believe they stayed interested for so long. B-man was especially into it, while N-man was kind of popping in and out as time went on. The cookies turned out delicious, but I have to learn to check recipe quantities before I start cooking. This recipe makes 6 dozen cookies. What are we going to do with 6 dozen cookies? I have to look up to see if I can freeze some of the dough since it's just sitting in the fridge at the moment. Oh well, they are yummy! I think I'll be sending some in to work with TK...


Snickollet said...

Oooh, the cookies sound so good. Can I get the recipe?

As for the workout: at least you were there. You get a gold star from me. I've been meaning to do a yoga video in the morning for weeks now and all I've managed to do is hit snooze a few more times. Sigh.

What A Card said...

I found a link to the recipe I used online. http://www.recipezaar.com/282013

I omitted the walnuts and doubled up on the chocolate chips (which were regular-sized instead of mini). I also subbed one cup of whole wheat flour for some of the all-purpose flour. Turned out fine! Maybe I'll freeze some of the dough and then bake them and bring it to book group. They're really interesting, and I don't feel *too* bad letting my kids eat these cookies. I mean, they're not healthy, but they have carrots in them, so how bad could they be?

Last time I belonged to a gym, they went out of business and I didn't know. Talk about a waste of money! I've sworn to myself that we won't waste our money this time...that we'll actually go. Hopefully that will be the case and I won't just cancel the membership :)