Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1st day of preschool

It was weird. I've been a stay at home mom for my kids' whole life. Besides a few months of a 2 hour-a-week drop-off playgroup, I've pretty much always known what my boys have been up to. I know what their experiences have been...what they've done in any given day. Now there's this 3 hour block of unknown that I have to rely on their reporting of what went on. Here's what I got:

From B-man:
  • They didn't read ANY books. (That was what he was most looking forward to)
  • I played on the playground.
  • I made this bracelet. I chose PINK beads (there were many color beads on his bracelet, but only the pink ones were worth reporting).
  • I didn't pee-pee in the potty. (I know this to be true as I got back a bag full of peed on clothes. Or more precisely, Nancy got back my bag of pee-pee clothes. No one at the school can tell Nancy and I apart. You know how all those moms of twins look alike. Except we don't so it's a bit odd. But Nancy, I have a theory...I wonder if they're getting confused with the hair color since your kids' reddish with blonde highlights is closer to my hair color, while my kids' brownish with red highlights is closer to your hair color. That's all I can figure...)
From N-man:
  • Mrs. Teacher put this stamp on my hand (and Mrs. Teacher isn't a fake name I made up, that's actually what he called her).
  • I didn't have any germs on my pretzels or raisins. (What? I can only guess they talked about washing hands before snack??)
  • When I asked if they had circle time, N-man answered, "It was more like a hexagon." (Um, okay?)
So we survived our first day of preschool. N-man had a breakdown and didn't want to leave the house to go to school. I had to drag him out kicking and screaming and force him into his car seat. We were still a few minutes late for school as I was trying everything I could think of to calm him down before we left. By the time we got to school, he was fine.

B-man was a different story. I gave him a kiss, and he grabbed me in a death hold and wouldn't let go, sobbing uncontrollably. I handed him off to the teacher and left. The director was standing outside and said I could call her in a little bit to get an update, and that she was sure he'd be fine. I knew he would be. At the boys drop-off playgroup through Early Intervention, B-man cried nearly every week for a few minutes at the start. It breaks your heart, though.

Sure enough, I called when I got home and was assured B-man was fine and enjoying himself on the playground.

How did I spend my time, you may wonder? Tagging clothes for the Mother of Twins clothing sale. I know, I'm wild and crazy.


Comment responses to Pig Won't Goes to Preschool:

Giovanna: the book has apparently gone out of print. So maybe the MOTs did rise up in protest :)
GIP: I thought it was interesting, too, how the boys distilled the ideas of good and bad from the story.
Nancy: You'll have to share if you got any more information about preschool!
Three Under Two: I've "lost" many books here (don't hate me, but I "lost" most of the Disney library...I just couldn't take the constant princesses anymore! Pig Will and Pig Won't may have take a Disney Vaca as well :).
Maggie: Nothin' better than a good ol' book burnin'!
Crazy Momma: Hope you enjoyed your SITS day. I really enjoyed your posts!
Aubrey: Hi! Glad you stopped by!


Nancy said...

HAH! Too funny, I almost wrote the same thing word for word about how all twin mommies look the same ;)

It will definitely be interesting to see how this plays out throughout the school year.

LOVE the "Mrs. Teacher" name. That may just have to stick :)

Threeundertwo said...

Hexagon Time sounds complicated.

Mary Ellen said...

I feel the same way about the time that the girls aren't with me -- it's like they have this secret life!

Giovanna Diaries said...

I love the hexagon comment!
And what is this new fad of commenting on comments? Is this the newest and latest?
I'm so behind on the times. I just found what MEME's meant.
See ya Monday! I'm picking you up!