Tuesday, September 30, 2008

People really are reading!

I've had an odd experience the past few days. I went to the Mother of Twins sale this weekend, and then another Mother of Twins event last night. And a number of people came up and said they read my blog. Or made comments about things I've written about. It was weird. I look at my stats, and know I have far more readers than commentors. But for some reason, I always imagine all the non-commentors as strangers, not as people I know and see on a semi-regular basis. It was kind of neat, and exciting to see some actual proof (besides the rather impersonal sitemeter stats) that others are reading besides my regular (and totally awesome!) commentors.

So hi all you lurkers...strangers and non-strangers alike. Leave a comment if you'd like...I love to get comments! Or don't. But if I know you but don't know you're reading, don't be surprised if I tell you a story I've already recounted on my blog!


Catching you up on past "stories": The Mother of Twins sale was fun, although I didn't sell quite as much as I expected. And the money I did earn won't make it into our trip fund, since as discussed last time, our TV broke. Money...it goes out a whole lot easier than it comes in, doesn't it? Anyway, to catch you up on that story, we did get a new TV on Sunday. It's very nice, and I did get to watch Heroes last night when I got home from my meeting, so I'm happy. It was a great episode, by the by. Unfortunately, we had an old-style entertainment center, with a square opening for a television. We would have had to get a very small LCD TV to fit in the slot. So we decided to go with a bigger TV. Which means we now need a new entertainment center. Well, for right now the TV is sitting on an old coffee table, which is going to have to be good enough for a while.

If it's not one thing, it's another, right? And our "another thing" is that our stove broke. Well, only one of the four burners, but I do really like to cook so having only three burners is an annoyance as I often need to have all four going at once. Well, on the plus side, I do hate our stove, but once again, this is going to have to wait a bit before it gets fixed or replaced. I'll have to plan carefully for now to only have three-burner meals!


Replies to comments on Sale Time!:

LauraC: Ah, not to read! That is a cruel and unusual punishment! And that book blog sounds really interesting :)

Jongirl: Thanks, momma :)

Goddess in Progress: Yay, it was fun to see you at the sale. Total chaos...fun, right??

Jacki: You should try to see if your local Mother of Twins club has a sale. The prices are generally much better than a consignment store, and far better selection as well. At least at our sale! You don't have to have twins to shop the sale.

Jaime: Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your SITS day!

Mary Ellen: Can't you write into to your message board ahead of time to see if anyone is selling? I mean, someone must have monkey costumes!

Melodie: Thank you!

Replies to comments on Aaaahhhhh! Broken TV!:

Goddess in Progress: That is a terrible time for a TV to break. Thanks for the BJs tip!

Three Under Two: I did think of you and your TV turn off week. Ack! I unwillingly participated! It wasn't that bad to go a few days without the TV, but I do really like Heroes :)

Gio: We survived, with sanity mainly intact. Mostly because there's no good TV on the weekends anyway ;)

Nancy: Okay, now you made us research a Costco membership. Which I couldn't talk TK into. I was so hoping for another warehouse club membership as I've heard Costco is better than BJs. Ah well...

Ronnica: Yes, I'm glad we're not sports fans of the loss of the TV would have hit harder! I did some extra reading this weekend and have to get my first book review up over on your site!

Melodie: Yes, I did get a number of comments from my boys. They are very glad to have a new TV to watch Backyardigans on.

ntsc: Thank you for the link to the directions to make local hot dogs. Unfortunately, my source for local meat had a fire at their store so I'm not sure where to get local meat anymore (anyone have a source they want to share? I have to attend some of those Verrill Farm fundraisers as I loved their store and would travel a ridiculous distance to go there, probably defeating the purpose of eating local but oh well...). Good golly, I'm going to have to join a meat CSA, aren't I? Anyway, thank you for visiting, and for the helpful link!


Giovanna Diaries said...

Wow! Another famous blogger friend! I really know how to pick my friends.
Well, I credit it to your humor and witty writing. You are a fun read.
Me on the other hand....I'm just a spoonful of sarcasm! AHAHAHAHAHA!

LauraC said...

I am always stunned when I start telling a story to a real-life friend and they're all "Yep, I read that on your blog." Almost none of my real-life friends and family comment. Even on N&A's birthday :(

Blog stats can be maddening. I try never to check them. When I pour my heart into what I think is a witty story and I get like 3 comments?! I feel like writing - what did the other hundreds of you think???

Ronnica said...

Why is it that RL friends don't comment as often as bloggy friends? It kinda jars me a bit when someone asks me about something or says something because they read it on my blog. I don't mind them reading, it's just nice to know that when they do!

Melodie said...

Congrats on the new TV! I got to go out and purchase a new computer monitor this weekend because my old teenage monitor was on life support and we decided to pull the plug. I'm having a time getting used to the HUGE widescreen, as opposed to my old 15" square screen.

Daav said...

Get a double oven!! I love mine :)

Nancy said...

Pppsssst. I read your blog *grin*