Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Love that logo

I'm actively involved in the local Mother of Twins club. I have a great time with it...in fact, I'm on the board. I even have a shirt with our logo on it. That's pretty cool, isn't it?

It gets better. Our logo is hilarious. I don't know who chose this logo. It's supposed to be a mom with a baby on each side, and it's kind of heart shaped. I get it...mom, twins, love. Nice.

Yeah, well, what does this logo look like to you?

I was wearing my shirt the other day at the grocery store, and the fish counter guy stopped me by yelling out, "That's awesome...is your shirt flipping me off?" No, it isn't. Do I make things any better, though? Of course not. I answer, "No, it's supposed to be a mom with twins. But I think it looks a lot like a pe,n^is." (Sorry for the crazy punctuation, once again attempting to avoid any pervert traffic). Then I put my hand over my mouth, shocked by what came out. I swear, I think I have a short-circuit some where between my brain and my mouth.

So what do you think our logo looks like? And how much would you like to meet the women who chose this logo? I have to applaud their ability to choose a logo that simultaneously appears to be a mom with twins, a middle finger, and a phallic symbol. That's pretty impressive.


Replies to comments on Book Group, as described by B-Man to TK:

FitMePink, I'm certainly making an exception to my lack of pink love for your blog. And I wish I'd seen your call for recipes sooner...I had too much to do to get any together. Plus, I "ruin" most of my healthy food with vast quantities of cheese and bacon ;)

Mommaof4Wifetor, Thanks! Our book group actually met at a friend's house, and I can hardly believe it, but she didn't pull out any trains for us to play with.

Gio, Book group was a riot, although we were even less focused than normal (I don't think that book really lended itself to discussions, though). I had a piece of pie for breakfast. What, I figure it has to be better than a donut!

Replies to comments on My DVR:

Gio, I can hardly wait until the next SYTYCD season!

Laura, it was incredibly easy to miss Firefly unless you were a wicked big Joss Whedon fan. Fox showed it on Friday nights at 9pm. Sometimes. Sometimes not. And they didn't show the first episode. And they canceled it in a heartbeat. *Everyone* missed it. Except my husband (a sci-fi lovin' engineer) and I (a plain ol' sci-fi lovin' geek). We stayed home every Friday night while it was on, and that was back in the pre-kids days when staying home Friday night meant something. I'm a little jealous that you get to experience Firefly for the first time. It's really wonderful, one of the best shows ever. And then you get to watch Serenity (probably my favorite movie). Yes, I'm definitely jealous. Push it up to the top of your queue, and enjoy!

Nancy, oh, you have to watch Firefly! It's so good. I'll lend it to you if you'd like. And glad I got your kids hooked on Wonder Pets ;)

Angie, whew, so glad to hear I'm not the only One Tree Hill watcher! Love your site...what a good idea!


Nancy said...

LOL! I totally think it looks like I'm being flipped off every time I go to the site. Or flipped off a million times when I hit Cafe Press ;)

You did see what the dad's shoot-off group did to the logo, right? LOL!!!

And heck ya! I'd love to borrow your copy of Firefly (when you have the chance to get it to me). I may even get it back to you in a reasonable amount of time (maybe.)

Giovanna Diaries said...

Another reason why I cannot appreciate abstract arts. I don't see the p,en^is. I don't see anyone flipping you the bird. I see a mommy head w/2 baby heads and a heart.
I just see what I see.
Gosh I'm boring!

LauraC said...

I was going to say that looks like you're flipping us off! Loves it.

PS. Firefly disks 1 and 2 arrive tomorrow!

Fit Me Pink said...

That is so hilarious! I am always surprised at the things total strangers will say sometimes.

Kimberly said...

So, are you ever going to wear that shirt out in public again? Ha ha...thanks for the laugh!

Aubrey said...

HI! Coming over from SITS!!

I got it right away. It looks like a mommy with her babies! I looked and looked for the "bird" but couldn't see it! LOL

I'm going over to read your DVR post. I love mine. Can't wait to see what you watch!!

Tinabean said...

I'm sorry but I only see the mommy & her two babies in a heart shape.
Maybe my mind needs to be warped a little more.
Thank you for visiting me on my special day at SITS.