Friday, September 26, 2008

Aaaahhhh! Broken TV!!!!

Oh my. Our television is broken. We only have one TV. I love TV. What am I ever going to do??? Wah!

I can't even play my wii! Oh me oh my!

Stupid technology, making me all reliant on you for my happiness. Well, it could be worse. It could be my computer. Of course, unlike TVs, we do have a few extra computers sitting around. You know, in case we had to supply computers for a small company. One of the perks (oddities?) of being married to a computer guy.

So how long do you think we'll last before we buy a new TV? I mean, Heroes and Terminator are both on Monday. So we don't have long...


Shouldn't be playing around online as I still have much to do for the sale and have to leave in just a few short hours. So I'll reply to comments on my next post! Hope you're all doing well, and have working televisions...


Goddess in Progress said...

Hehe. My TV broke the day I stopped working and went on maternity leave. No way in hell was I going to be home without a TV. We bought one that weekend. :-)

I strongly recommend BJ's. We were going to go to Best Buy, and ended up paying the same price for the next size up of screen (Same brand, Sony) at BJ's.

Threeundertwo said...

It's a sign. Live without.

Ok, if you can't you can't. Funny post.

Giovanna Diaries said...

Yeah, in my trumps sale any day of the week.
How will you ever cope?
Have fun at the sale.

Nancy said...

OH NO! I think my kids would shoot me. No Wonder Pets?? LOL

I agree with Goddess (geez. again!) We got ours at Costco...looks like a million bucks. We paid a lot less than that :) Big flat screen. LOVE IT! (plus, with the executive membership, we got 2% back! woo hoo)

Ronnica said...

I guess it's time to see how you can do without a TV! I would be freaking out though, because football comes on tomorrow! (Though, strangely enough, we have 2 TVs, though I rarely watch anything but sports and the occasional game show and my roommate doesn't watch anything at all.)

Melodie said...

My two year old would kill me if we had no TV.

ntsc said...

My wife would kill me if we didn't have a TV.

Many HD TVs will work as a computer monitor, so my wife's is one.

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