Sunday, September 14, 2008

Potty Training Advice needed!

B-man is largely potty trained. He still has accidents once in a while, but they're getting pretty rare. Even when we're out, he'll usually ask to use the potty if he has to go (we have him wear pull-ups for longer excursions where there won't be a potty easily accessible...luckily we've always been able to find him one in time so I'm starting to have him go out in undies sometimes).

My problem is preschool. He's only gone to preschool twice (last Wednesday and Friday mornings), and both times, he had pee accidents. The teacher assured me they were used to it, and fine with it. In fact, they have you bring in extra clothes on the first day of school expressly for this purpose. Every morning, I've shown B-man where the potty is, and he's even used it once when I was with him. It's a tiny kid sized potty, right in the classroom. So I don't think it's a problem of him not knowing where it is, or being intimidated of the size. I just think he gets so interested in all the fun things, he's forgetting he has to use the potty.

Should I put him in pullups for preschool tomorrow and tell him he can wear undies on Wednesday if he uses the potty at school on Monday? Should I just put him in pullups with no explanation? Should I let him wear undies again? If I do let him wear undies, and the accidents continue, how long should I let it go before I consider using pullups for preschool? What would you do? While it's only the 2nd week of school, and I know that pee accidents are completely normal at age 3, I feel bad for the teachers always having to clean up after him. I mean, I've subbed in a preschool. It's hard work, and ill-paid. I don't want to make their job any harder than it already is. But on the flip side, I don't want B-man to feel like he's being punished for having accidents. But on the flip side again, I'm just not sure he's reliably enough trained to be expected to make it to the potty yet while at preschool. I don't know...give me your opinion!



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Nancy said...

Have you asked him which he wants to wear? We've been asking the twins what they want to wear to say, church and they choose undies or pull-ups depending on their mood.

...we also bought new shoes that they picked out themselves, a BIG deal (they light up. oy.) And we told them if they peed on the shoes, they'd have to take them off. Not once accident since.

Tracy P. said...

Hi "Card"! I'm laughing because that's what my sister's friends used to call me because my maiden name was Decker and I was the baby of the family.

Whew, glad potty training days are long behind us. No clue! Do whatever the preschool teachers encourage you to do--they have so much more experience. I'm guessing they'd rather have a few accidents and help the kids fly than encourage them to regress.