Thursday, October 9, 2008

The big 1-8-8!

Today I'm celebrating the big 188th blog post! Wooo!

Okay, here's the thing:
  • I see a lot of blogs where people celebrate their BIG posts (100, 200, etc)
  • I think, boy, that would be fun
  • I don't pay a lot of attention to my post number. In fact, by the time I thought to see if I'd reached 100 posts, I was at about 120.
  • I'm coming up on my 200th post.
  • I'm sure not to notice when I hit my 200th post.
  • Then I'd have to wait until I hit 300 posts, which I'm also sure not to notice.
  • Then I'd have to wait until I hit 400 posts, which really feels like a cheat and that I should wait until I hit 500 posts.
  • And waiting until I hit 500 posts seems really far away.
  • Plus, I feel like celebrating today. In fact, I feel like there may need to even be some chocolate cake.
So it's a celebration! 188 posts! Yay, me! Now here's what you have to do: nothing. Come on, it's 188 posts, not a *real* number worth celebrating. But if you really want to celebrate with me, leave me a comment! Oh yes, I'm comment whoring again today! And if you really, really, really want to celebrate, blog your own celebration of whatever post number you happen to be on. And then eat some chocolate cake. Believe me, I think I'm on to something here!


Did you notice my new tricked out blog bling? Yep, I've signed on for NaNoWriMo 2008! Anyone else planning to participate? I'm considering NaBloPoMo as well, mostly as a quickie update on my novel progress and other short goodies. Not sure yet, though.


Replies to comments on Brevity is the soul of...being brief:

Nancy: You totally caught me on why I love the grocery story.

Giovanna: Don't worry, I already finished the Stephen King book. I just started our book group book!

ThreeUnderTwo: Yes, my parents are buffaloes! I'm a wee buffalo-babe. Okay, you caught me. I was swayed by Nancy's answers, where she listed where her parents were from. I'm embarrassed, but also amused enough to let my answers stand :)

Melodie: There's always a catch, isn't there...awards, but work attached. Thanks for playing!

American in Norway: Oh, good! I hope you do have time to play along!


Replies to comments on What's Your Tag Line?:

Dana, you rock! And now I feel like maybe I should watch Cocktail with such an awesome tagline!

Melodie, well, you'll just have to make up your own tagline then!

Maggie, I knew I could count on you! And I almost included the Spinal Tap tagline...we're on a wavelength :)


Goddess in Progress said...

Yeah, woohoo, yippee! 188! Wahoo! :-)

I've done NaBloPoMo twice. It felt like a good exercise in regular posting. I did it last November and this past June. May do it again next month, we'll see...

Giovanna Diaries said...

I love your randomosity! 188?! Totally you!
As for NaBloPoMo. Don't think I have it in me. But good luck and have fun w/yours!
Is there a reward at the end of it?

Tracy P. said...

Happy 188! I've seen your name around a couple times and had to say hi. My sister's friends nicknamed me "Card" some 30 years ago, so you brought back a fun memory. Plenty of giggles over here!

Giovanna Diaries said...

ps....I'm at 152! You beat me!

jongirl said...

Well, a bouquet of flowers and many congrats to you! Do the double 8's have anything to do with the religion thing?? One eight eight is the street address of the house I grew up in! Doo do do do ... cue mysterious music!

jules said...

but i think it has to be a chocolate cake recipe you get from...

...a blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1-8-8! I am all for random excuses to eat chocolate cake.

me said...

You do realize that 1+8+8=17, right? That in itself is a reason to celebrate.


Multiple Madness Mommy said...

hehehe,188! Congrats to you! I would love to try NaBloPoMo to motivate me more so I don't lapse like I have been, but I'm not sure I'm mentally ready:0. I can't wait to see how the NaNoWriMo works for you.

American in Norway said...

Thanks for the nice comment about my picture! I am getting kindda excited about it now... think I might actually frame it... Hmmm

Melodie said...

Congrats on the big 1-8-8! Woo-hoo!
The only numbered blog I celebrated was when I hit 60 posts in one month. I'll have to look to see what my total number of blog posts to date is. I'm guessing it's between 300 and 400. I'll check back and let you know.

Melodie said...

CRAP! I've already got 516 posts. Now I have to wait for 1000 to have a big celebration. Oh, well.

Sheri-ct said...

Happy 118! That is a fantastic number to celebrate! Now I'm looking forward to 262.

Ronnica said...

Happy 188! Here's my secret to remembering those big occasions...prewrite those posts. I knew a couple weeks out when my 400th post would be, so I wrote it and scheduled it. I had to write an extra post than I usually do to make it land right, because it was aiming right for September 11th and I didn't want to do that.