Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who was that Hannah Montana lookalike?

The boys had a Halloween party at school yesterday. Their teachers were all dressed up. Their lead teacher dressed up as Hannah Montana. Not that my kids know who Hannah Montana is. I'm not entirely sure I even know. But anyway, their normally short-dark-haired teacher had a full length blonde wig. Not to mention some awesome white go-go boots. She was even singing. It was awesome.

After they boys were home, we were talking about school and B-man told me Mrs. Teacher wasn't at school. I told him she was, that she was the woman with long blonde hair. B-man got mad at me and insisted it wasn't her.

Poor kid. Halloween must be kind of confusing. What an odd holiday.


I also just noticed that the little Halloween presents that came home in their backpacks were from another kid in the class (a Halloween coloring book, pencil, and spider rings). Is Halloween a "do something for all the kids in the class" holiday? I thought I didn't have to worry about this until Valentine's Day!


Nancy said...

OMG - I KNOW!! I thought the "present" was from the know, gift for the Halloween party and all that. And what kind of precedence is this mommy (who is actually really, really nice) setting?? Is she going to do this for all 15 kids for every holiday? I can't afford to match that :P

And Burke wanted nothing to do with Mrs. Teacher. He almost didn't let me leave LOL! Luckily, Ms. S. Teacher looked somewhat like herself...

Threeundertwo said...

I think doing something for everyone in the class is the exception. Don't feel obligated.

Here's another Halloween tradition; you have been booed! Come to my blog, copy the graphic from the sidebar, put it on yours, and start boo-ing your blogging buddies.

Happy Halloween!