Thursday, October 2, 2008

How cute!

I was reading a local newspaper, and you know what I stumbled across? Personal Ads! Really. I know. I thought it was all done online now, too. But there they were! So curiosity captured me: I had to read to see who was placing these ads.

You know what the cutest ad was? Here it is, in part: SWF, 80, seeks SWM, 75-85, for possible LTR. Isn't that the sweetest? I hope she finds her fella for a LTR!

Another one cracked me up, this one placed by a guy. It read in part, SM, 58, seeks SF, 27-60. 27? How did you come up with that age? I bet he sat around thinking, should I seek a 25 year old? Or would that be too young for me? Hmmm. Yeah, 25 might be too young, but 27 should be okay. I'm less rooting for this guy.

Wow, I got a kick out of those ads. It's almost worth subscribing to the local newspaper just to have some personals to giggle about. And I didn't even recount the ads looking for gothic wiccans or tall women who wear black. Pretty specific, huh?

And yes, I have better things to do with my time than read personals ads. Heck, TK has better things to do than be interrupted near constantly for 10 minutes as I recounted the funniest ads to him. And now I've wasted all your time, too. Maybe I shouldn't subscribe to the newspaper!


Bonus funny B-man story for those of you who were amused at the personal ads. Well, even for those of you who weren't be still stuck through the post anyway:

I picked the boys up from school on Monday and we were walking down the street to where I parked the car. B-man started taking off his coat, so I helped him. In doing so, I lifted up his shirt a little and, gasp, his whole BUM was hanging out! He went to the potty at school, but must have had trouble pulling his pants back up. While the front was pulled up properly, he didn't get the back pulled up. Who knows how long he walked around at school with his little fanny sticking out. His shirt was kind of long, so it wasn't really obvious. I just got such a giggle about this! Poor kid! I told him in the future he could ask one of the teachers if he couldn't get his pants back up. And you can be sure I'm checking to make sure his pants are up from now on after his bathroom visits!


Replies to comments on It's Amazing How Different They Are:

Gio, I haven't even got the book group book yet. It's just not sounding exciting to me! I have to go to the library. Can't wait to see you, and hear the story!

Nancy, yes, he's sure proud! Aren't the differences one of the neat things about twins?

Melodie, I, too, have a little one who is much happier to pee anywhere besides the potty. Sometimes if he has on undies he begs for a diaper. Yuck. It's driving me crazy!

LauraC, not to scare you, but potty training is the first parenting thing that's really kicking my butt. I can't wait to be done with this! On the plus side, though, it was pretty easy with one of my boys. Maybe you'll luck out and have an easy go with both of your boys!


LauraC said...

I read a book (it was just ok, not recommended, I Know You're Out there by Michael Beaumier) by the guy who used to be the personals editor at the Chicago Reader, an independent newspaper. I used to read the personals every week on the El into work. They are freaking hilarious, particularly the "Missed Connections" section.

Anyway people would call the personals editor and he would help them craft those fine gems. So perhaps there was someone leading him to choose 27 over 25.

(PS. If you didn't get your butt kicked until potty training twins, you have my undying respect and admiration.)

Melodie said...

I find the personal ads quite hilarious myself. Seriously, how long term of a relationship can the 80 year old lady be hoping for? She's 80, for Pete's sake.

Nancy said...

That's so cute. I love reading the personals. And the real estate. And the comics. Seems they all fit together somehow. Not sure how, but it just seems so.

Ronnica said...

Whew, I'm so glad that I'm too young for the 58yo!