Friday, October 10, 2008

Cooking for the Cure

Some of you may remember a few weeks ago that I was excited to have ordered a Pass The Plate platter to support breast cancer research. Well, I got the plate and today I've passed it!

I decided to give it to my friend Barb (I know she reads, but she NEVER comments. I love her anyway, though!). It's her birthday today, and it seemed like a good way to send happy birthday wishes. Don't worry, I'd already cleared it with her that she was up for getting something that she has to pass along!

Here's the weird thing about Barb: she doesn't eat vegetables. At all. Seriously. Can you believe we're friends? It's so confusing to me. I mean, vegetables are awesome. I can see not liking some of them (I mean, kohlrabi? Really? That stuff is horrid! And cucumbers...don't even get me going about how it's the most evil vegetable on earth, infecting any other food it touches with its disgusting flavor!) But all vegetables? I must drive her crazy, because I'm always asking her things like, "well what about roasted squash? You must like that. If it has a lot of butter and raisins and brown sugar? No? Well, what about green beans when they're just lightly steamed? No? Well, what about..." You get the idea.

I was planning to make cake for the plate, since it was Barb's birthday and all. But then I was talking to her last night while I was making dinner. I was making potato pancakes (as an aside, we're getting TONS of potatoes from our CSA. I feel a little like my Irish mom, serving potatoes at every meal. Hee, hi mom!) And do you know what Barb said? That she likes potato pancakes. Wait a minute: potatoes are a vegetable! I have a ton of them that I need to use up. I can make her a vegetarian meal! Holy macaroni, and I even have apples we picked earlier in the week so I made an apple compote to go with it.

So that's what I made for my pass the plate meal: potato pancakes with a side of apple compote. And some chocolate brownie cake. Breakfast of champions!

This was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to track the progress of the plate as it gets passed along. Head over to KitchenAid if you want to buy your own plate. It's $25, and they donate $5 every time someone passes the plate (and registers it online).


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Thanks, everyone, for playing along with me!
Gio: count again, you forgot your 2007 posts...we're very nearly tied :). I'll post more about NaNo and NaBlo as we get closer (gosh, we're pretty close already!) The reward for NaNo is that you've written a novel. For NaBlo, there are bloggers who donate prizes that are randomly awarded at the end of the month. But probably, your reward for NaBloPoMo is that you've posted every day for a month :)
Melodie: My, you're a prolific poster!
TracyP: Love to meet another Card!
Me: Who are you? You're not ME, are you? Wait, you're you, I know it!
Ronnica: I'm so not organized to prepost. I see you, and other people, scheduling posts at The Book Nook. I'm never that far ahead!

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Gio and Nancy: I'm so glad someone else knows and loves this. I was actually a ridiculous A-ha fan back in the day, with pictures of them up all over my room. I owned TWO of their albums. I know, most people don't even know there's more than just the one :)

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Goddess in Progress: I do try to come up with excuses for cake. You know, like it's a day that ends in Y. And Y should I eat cake? Because, that's Y!

Nancy: I should have taken you up on that. We could have had a little cake picnic at preschool pickup :)

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Amnesia: that's a great should play along on your own blog!


Snickollet said...

Oh, god, it's Barb's b-day today? I just called her to bug her (well, her husband really) with my plumbing woes! (See my blog for details, if you dare.) I had no idea it was her b-day, so (a) I didn't say "Happy birthday," and (b) I feel rather bad that I was bugging her with plumbing troubles on her special day. Alas.

Your meal looks awesome. You rock.

Barb, if you read this comment: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sheri-ct said...

You don't like cucumbers?? How can we be friends???? I can handle the anti-Splenda campaign, but what do you have against the cucumber? I can see not liking the nasty ones you see in the grocery store covered in wax, but a fresh grown Kirby cuc? It is one of the best tasting veggies on earth. Put a little salt, pepper and red wine vinegar......mmmmm.....good! A salad just seems naked without one.

The potato pancakes look delicious! Can you post the recipe?



Ronnica said...

I LOVE cucumber!!

Yeah, I'm organized. But I mainly prepost because I only blog about 3 days a week, writing 2 or 3 posts those days. If I didn't schedule them, I would post rather sporatically (which I couldn't handle).

me said...

You figured me out! I AM me!!! And I thought that would be difficult.