Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's amazing how different they are

Two recent things have just made me marvel at how different B-man and N-man's brains process.

First, I gave N-man a penny, then handed him a second penny. He said proudly, "1 and 1 make 2!" So I answered, just as proudly, "You're right!". Then B-man piped up, "No. 1 and 1 make ELEVEN." "Yes," I replied, "You're kind of right, too."

Isn't it weird that one is learning math, adding two numbers, while the other is concentrating on reading skills, learning that 11 is eleven?

Then the other thing, when B-man was first starting to potty train, he somehow started in with saying that the characters on his undies were sad if he had an accident. He'd pee in his Diego underwear, and then tell me, "Mommy, Diego's sad." So I'd wash out Diego, hang him up to dry, and then he'd announce, "Diego is happy again."

Well, yesterday I had N-man, who is still not even remotely potty trained, in Thomas the Tank Engine undies. N-man peed in them, looked down, and said, "Thomas is still happy!" Then he went right on playing in his soaking wet underwear, standing in a huge puddle of pee, until I came over to change him. He insisted he didn't need to be changed, since Thomas wasn't bothered by being peed on.

As a bonus kid story, since I'm on the topic, last night at dinner N-man announced, a propos of nothing, "I like touching my pe,n^is." And with that statement, I think he just distilled one of the most defining elements of being a guy into a single sentence. And yes, I do plan on saving up this story to tell his future dates. Oh heck, I'm nice. I'll wait until he's engaged to tell it.


Replies to comments on Join the Rebel Alliance!:

Ronnica: I've never understood the draw of Catcher in the Rye. I just didn't think it was that good. You're right, it would be interesting to reread Lord of the Flies when it's not a force-fed part of high school English.

Gio: Hmm, Memory Keeper's Daughter started getting more interesting again. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't read it...I'm up to the part where Norah is having a fling. You know me, throw some sex in a book, and I'm sure to read it!

Mary Ellen: Ooo, secret identity unmasked! My husband would also love a double oven, at least to hear me stop complaining about how small our oven is. Did you know I can't even fit a normal-sized cookie sheet in it? I had to buy all new small sized cookie trays when we moved here. Okay, complaining done.

Maggie: Yes, part of why I picked this up was because of Emlyn. And the twin thing. And just because it sounded interesting. But it's just not that good, besides the above referenced sex recapturing my attention ;)

Jules: You're definitely a rebel! I have so much trouble putting down a book and walking away. I feel compelled to finish them, even if it brings me no joy...

Rhonda: No matter how much I read, I never can stay up to date. Maybe I should pick more carefully and skip books like this one!


Giovanna Diaries said...

ohhh, the Nora short lived. You'll the end you are gonna be left holding a handful of blah.
As for the p^en!is comments. That made me laugh out loud!
My guys are in a different phase....I so don't even want to go there. Maybe at the next book club. Speaking of which, have you read the book club book yet? I'm soooo dragging!

Nancy said...

HAHAHAHAH! Well, at least he's honest and proud.

And how neat to actually see the different wheels turning for each kid...especially when both are, in essence, right!

Melodie said...

My two year old daughter is sort of potty training. She's wearing pull-ups and she uses the potty on occassion, but we're not really pushing her yet because I don't think she's really physically ready for it.
Anyhow, yesterday she came up to me and hugged me and said, "I'm peeing in my diaper." So, I asked her why she wasn't peeing in the potty, and she told me that she wanted to pee in her diaper. The little shit!

LauraC said...

I hate to make predictions about my boys but I can assure you Nate will be standing around in dripping wet underwear while Alex will not.

But I can't think about potty training right now or I will hyperventilate.

Ronnica said...

Yeah, I don't think Catcher in the Rye is that special, either.