Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Redemption of the Coffee Wench

Some of you may remember my story of the coffee wench, the terrible barista who tried to poison me by giving me Splenda. This may be surprising, but I still go to that coffee shop. Hey, what do you want, it's the one in my supermarket. It's either go there or shop without delicious coffee. But when the coffee wench is working, I just order a plain coffee, nothing special for her to make wrong or put Splenda in.

It's been a long time, though, and last time I was shopping, I really, really, really wanted the warm caramely goodness of a caramel macchiato. But The Coffee Wench was working. Oh, terrible conundrum...what to do??

I figured, it's been months. I'm hardly one to hold a grudge*. So I ordered my caramel macchiato. And you know what? It was PERFECT. Full of REAL sugar, and I think she even added extra caramel sauce on top.

Even better, I was buying those little Horizon milk boxes for my kids, and by mistake, I picked up one without a straw (oh, the humanity! There's no way a regular straw could ever be an acceptable substitute for my kids). Luckily, I noticed before we left, so I went back up to ask if I could exchange it for a milk with an attached straw. She said fine, then as I was leaving, she asked if I wanted the straw-free milk, since she'd otherwise just have to throw it away.

So not only did she give me a great coffee, she also gave me free milk. I think she's officially overcome her coffee wench title. Perhaps I'll even call her a barista now, though it still seems like a slight overstatement of the skills of a person working in a grocery story coffee shop...


Replies to comments on Crazy fear:

Okay, now I'm paranoid. No one really called me out on it being a crazy fear. And no one else owned up to carrying a presidential curse. ThreeUnderTwo and Melodie, it seems like you two really would like me to vote for the opposite candidate you support. Oh dear, I am cursed, aren't I?

Melodie: that's so funny! Ah, the hanging chads. Gotta love it!

Jongirl: The money's not in the presidency, but in all those cushy post-presidential jobs... And the best thing about Buffalo would be you and dad. And for the record for all of you who haven't been to Buffalo, it really is a very nice town. It doesn't deserve the bad rap it gets in general.

Snick: How strange! Maybe Maddie and Riley are...gasp...REPUBLICANS! No, it could never be ;)

Sheri-CT: I highly doubt you and I are voting for the same candidate. But I love you anyway! And I'm so glad you figured out how to comment. HI!

Nancy: You're right, it is funny people are trying to sway me. Well, at least I can say with some conviction that my blog appeals to people of different political leanings!

American in Norway: Thanks for the comment! I hope you're enjoying your SITS day. I love the stories of the crazy things kids say to embarrass us. Here's another post of some silly things my boys said, though you may start to get the idea that my kids are a little obsessed with discussing boy and girl parts!


*Okay, people who know me, feel free to burst into gales of laughter about this one. Fine, so I am one to hold a grudge. Just ask TGIF's Restaurants, who crossed me in, oh, about 1997 and I'm still annoyed. Or AT&T, who pissed me off in 2002 and I still hate them with a fiery passion. But it takes more than one coffee with Splenda to incur my eternal wrath. Six months was just the right amount of anger over that coffee.


Nancy said...

oh man, I just love your blog. :) You totally crack me up with your day-to-day fun findings.

Giovanna Diaries said...

What grocery store do you go to that serves Caramel Macchiato's?

Sheri-ct said...

I love reading your blog.....as I sit here sipping tea with SPLENDA in it.....ha ha. I love Splenda......mmmm...delicious! I think 6 months is the perfect amount of time to hold a grudge for a *minor* offence. And free milk is a bonus!

I am SO glad we are voting for opposite candidates! For some reason I thought you were on my *team*, but I am glad that we disagree on this issue, and I hope your streak continues.....ha ha!


Melodie said...

I'm not a coffee person, but I take my Coke seriously. I take great offense when I order a Coke and they serve me a Diet Coke.
Um, is this your way of calling me fat? There goes your tip!

Laura said...

That just goes to show you that even COFFEE WENCHES deserve second chances...but there ain't no way I'm giving CREEPY PRODUCE MAN a second chance.
I just have a feeling he's on an "offender" list somewhere.