Friday, October 17, 2008

Inappropriate footwear and love of vegetables

Yesterday was a big day. Yeah, a big day of sit around and wait. See, we have wasps. Fun, right? So I had to sit around for the bug guy to come. And, we bought a new entertainment center (part of the grand TV failure of Aught-Eight). I had to sit around and wait for that to be delivered. Oh, and the boys were grumpy. And I didn't want them to make a mess. It was a long, long morning.

But finally, wasps were eradicated (or "majorly pissed off" as Bug-Guy said when he told me to stay FAR away from them for the next, oh, week or so). And furniture was delivered. All by 1pm no less, though the day already felt far, far longer than that.

So, what could possibly make the day better? I'm a glutton for punishment. I decide it's time to get the boys' haircuts. Truthfully, it's about one month PAST time to get their hair cut. It was ridiculously long. N-man's was always in his eyes, and B-man was a huge puffy curly mess. I mean, things aren't quite as dire as they were a year ago, when a trip to the hairdresser meant I needed to search for some black-market valium first. But it's still not great. Not my most favorite errand, by a long shot.

But this post isn't about the haircut. We survived it, kids are cute. This post is about my footwear. See, it had been a long day already. I was headed out to go to the hairdresser, probably my least favorite parenting task (even worse than taking them to the doctor or dentist). I was distracted. I put on my high heeled black leather boots.

I love my boots. I miss my boots all summer. I can hardly wait for fall, when I can once again wear my boots. They make me happy.

So I wore my boots. Great. Except post-haircuts, we were headed to the farm to pick up our CSA share. Going home was really far out of the way. I went to the farm in my high heeled boots. What do you think was the most ridiculous? Nearly tripping in the surprisingly long grass on the way to the pick up stand? Walking through the muddy dirt? Practically twisting an ankle in the pot-hole filled, dust and gravel parking lot? Just feeling like everyone was staring at my feet, wondering why I'd be wearing completely inappropriate footwear?

I was feeling pretty silly. Until I noticed the guy next to me. He had bare feet. In October. He walked through all that stuff, too.

I think we were about tied in our inappropriate footwear choices. What do you think? Who wins in the most ridiculous shoes (or lack there of) for CSA pickup?


As a related aside, our CSA pick up was awesome this week: lettuce, broccoli, potatoes, acorn squash, etc. And brussels sprouts. I LOVE brussels sprouts. I mean, not an inappropriate love. Not like bare-foot-dude. He was so excited about them, he actually picked up a stalk and kissed it. So I guess I've been put to shame in the vegetable-loving department. And this entry just got a whole lot creepier. Oh, just go read Food on the Food, all you veggie perverts. Warning, her post contains naughty though hilarious language!


Mary Ellen said...

I love Brussels sprouts too! I don't kiss them, but I do sometimes roast them... or slice them thin and saute with butter and top with hazelnuts! (That is better than kissing.)
Today I've got my new purple suede flats on, which look better than they sound :)
I love hearing about your CSA, but it makes me jealous! We've had enormous amounts of okra this year -- and I think I do not need any more until 2011. Last week, we had mustard greens, which... I also can not say much good about. I'm thinking about making a switch next year.

jongirl said...

Bare-foot, vegetable-kissing guy sounds like my kind of guy! It's not November yet; of course it's still barefoot weather! And I agree ... brussel sprouts make me droll with desire! YUMMY!

Nancy said...

I hated Brussel Sprouts...until I met Mike. We now eat them all the time. But ... the frozen kind ... dripping with butter. :D Mmm mmm healthy! LOL

See, now I'm curious about the boots. I'd have to SEE them to figure out if they were more or less appropriate than bare feet. (and yes, I'm so observant that you could have had them on today and I wouldn't have noticed. For shame.)

Melodie said...

The barefoot guy was less appropriate. There's no excuse for not wearing shoes when you go out. He could have at least worn flip-flops.

BTW: Tag - you're it! See my blog for details.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by.

I plan to look into a CSA for next year.

Rhonda said...

Oh, we are going to the farm on Sunday. We love Brussels sprouts. D. runs them through the food processor and sautes them in butter. They taste very nutty and even the girls love them. He also will just slice them in half, brush them with some butter and roast them in the oven. The girls love to eat them one leaf at a time.