Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crazy fear

This is going to sound crazy, but I feel like I carry a presidential curse. See, I've never voted for a candidate who became president. To be fair, in the '96 election (my first when I was old enough to vote), I just couldn't bring myself to vote for either main candidate so I left the president vote blank. Had someone *forced* me to vote, I probably would have filled in that Clinton bubble. Weird, huh? I guess there's probably plenty of people in my general age range who meet this same criteria of never having voted for a winning candidate. Still, it feels like whomever I want to win never wins. I'm a total luck-sucker when it comes to presidents. Oh, that sounds vaguely perverted. I'm glad I already owned up to not voting for Clinton.

Of course I'm going to vote this year. But it still makes me a bit nervous, like maybe I should vote for the opposition. I won't though, don't worry. But I know I'll be sweating a little in that voting booth. You know, so long as B-man and N-man give me any time to think about anything. Which is fairly unlikely. I'll probably be more worried about them jumping into the voting booth next door. Which is almost sure to happen, as that's what happens every time I take them into a dressing room with me. But it's my civic duty to teach them about voting, right? They always come and vote with me, though it's been over a year since I voted (shame, shame, I know. I was really sick last November, and am not registered with a party so couldn't vote in the primaries. And just don't ask why I didn't vote in any local elections that seem to happen at random times. One more reason why I need to subscribe to a local paper, you know, besides the obvious of wanting to read the personals.)

We'll see what happens this November. I sure hope my losing streak is broken!

PS~~This is probably all the politics you'll see in my blog. I have little interest in trying to bring anyone around to my point of view, and doubt that people even pay much attention to opposing views. And quite honestly, I'm pretty sick of our two-party, rich candidate choices we get in every election, even down to a fairly local level...


Replies to comments on How cute!:

LauraC: That sounds like an interesting idea for a book. I'm sorry to hear it wasn't well done. And I guess other parenting tasks, especially sleep issues, kicked my butt. I just expected that to be hard, while N-man's complete resistance to using a potty has caught me totally off-guard.

Melodie: I know, but I love that. I bet that woman is a real firecracker!

Nancy: I hate reading the real estate section. It's so depressing to me. I grew up in an area where houses are FAR less expensive. We could live in a gigantic mansion in Buffalo for what our normal-sized house goes for here! Or what we'd actually do, which is buy a normal-sized house for a fraction of the price. Of course, on the down side, we'd have to live in Buffalo (sorry, Mom! What can I say, Boston is wicked awesome.)

Random unrelated thought, this just happened edition:

N-man just walked over with a piece of fabric folded in half. He told me it was his book. I asked him what it said, so he unfolded the fabric and said this:

Dinosaurs walk outside. And then all done.

His first book! I'm so glad I was typing to record that. Maybe I'll write it on some paper and let him illustrate it tomorrow.

He's totally ready to do NaNoWriMo with me this year!


Threeundertwo said...

Please vote. For McCain.

Melodie said...

If the person you vote for is going to lose, then vote for Obama.

By the way, back in the 2000 election, I took my then five year old daughter with me to vote, and I explained to her how the voting machines worked and how you had to be very careful to check your ballot to make sure that you had punched the hole all the way through the card to be sure your vote would count, and to double check that the punched out holes matched up with the numbers next to the candidates name that you wanted to vote for, etc.
Yeah, that was the year that a bunch of old people couldn't seem to figure it out - even though they had been voting with these exact same machines for at least the ten years that I had been voting for. Needless to say, my daughter couldn't understand how it was so easy for her to understand but a bunch of "grown-ups" couldn't. (In case you couldn't tell, we're in Florida.)

jongirl said...

Vote for the issues, not the candidate, and hopefully, the winner will actually keep some of their campaign promises. Gotta doubt the intelligence of anyone spending millions for a $400K/year job! By the way, there are LOTS worse fates than gorgeous Buffalo! And numerous advantages; the best of which is granny and gramps!

Snickollet said...

Maddie and Riley are scared of voting.


I voted in a little local election a few weeks ago, and Riley SOBBED the whole time.

Again: ????????????????????

(BTW: Loved your tales from the personal ads!)

Sheri-ct said...

Hey Sally,

I hope we are not voting for the same candidate because I have a great track record......I've never voted for a loser (well, I mean someone that lost....ha ha!). Care to give us a hint???


Nancy said...

LOL love how people are trying to sway you. On your own blog. ;)

And how cute! His very first book! So glad you were able to capture that. :)

American in Norway said...

OK I am peeing my pants in regards to the comment you left on my mortified Monday post... FUNNY! I can only imagine!

Nancy said...

...left something for you on my blog...

Ronnica said...

That's interesting, because I've never voted for a LOSING presidential candidate. Of course, I've only voted in 2004 (and yes, I guess that means I'm admiting I voted for Bush).

Kudos for taking your kids with you to the voting booth. My mom did that for me and my brother, and it's some of my sweetest memories. Of course, that might be helped by the fact that we would go to the donut shop afterwards...