Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hilarious children

As always, the boys have been saying some really funny things. So here are a few sillies for you to enjoy:

B-man has become very sure of himself, like he knows better than me. It's funny...I thought that wasn't supposed to start until he was a teenager! We were in the car and passed a house with a ghost decoration in their front yard. He excitedly pointed it out to me, and I asked him if it said boo. He answered, with a definite tone of "duh, mom", "Only REAL ghosts say boo. This was a pretend ghost."

N-man also has a little bit of that "I know better" going on. Whenever we correct him on a name of something, he tells us that he's just going to keep calling it whatever he wants. So, for example, our grocery store always has seagulls out front. He tells me every time, "Look, Mommy, EAGLES!" Me, wanting to prevent him from being pecked to death one day by insulted eagles, always tells him, "there are a lot of SEAGULLS." Then he says, "I'm going to call them EAGLES." Um, okay?

Well, the other day he saw an ad for one of those Halloween superstores. Right in the middle was a picture of a boy dressed up as Batman. So N-man said, "It's SUPERMAN!" So I told him, "that's BATMAN." And he answered, "No, I'm going to call him SUPERMAN. BLACK SUPERMAN. That's a good name." How do I argue with this?

Well, of course being the Halloween season, there have been far more pictures of Batman around than we would normally encounter, and N-man always announces loudly, "it's BLACK SUPERMAN." Oh dear.


Replies to comments on Mortifying Monday:

American in Norway: You're right, it was kind of like 16 Candles, except with the ending that really should have happened.

Nancy: Yes, my physics teacher was really kind of a tool. I took AP Physics from him the next year, and he was a TERRIBLE teacher. It was his first time teaching it, and he pretty much just gave us a textbook and said "have at it!" I'm pretty sure he couldn't do the calculus needed for AP Physics...

And I am having trouble keeping on top of the replies to comments. I know I end up forgetting some on older posts...


Replies to comments on Recipes:

I'm relieved to tell you all that Barb totally liked the cake. She agreed with my assessment that you really can't taste the zucchini at all, and was actually excited that she was eating some veggies :) So it all worked out!

LauraC: Oh, I've been wanting to read World War Z. I'll have to put it on my holiday wish list! And I'm not a big beet fan, either, though my husband likes them so I just keep trying them.

Jules: You had to mention the caramel sauce, didn't you! After reading your comment, I made some apple dumplings with caramel sauce. Yum!

Replies to comments on Another Meme:

Pink Ink: That's great, I think finishing a MS is better than starting new. My novel from last year is trash...I hate it, though I loved doing it, if that makes any sense. Good luck, and have fun!

Ronnica: Can't wait to see what you find!

ThreeUnderTwo: Thanks for playing along!


Replies to comments on It's a SITS Blog-a-thon!:

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and commented. That was so fun! I'll be popping by to visit, if I haven't already!


Rhonda said...

Oh, yes. We are right there with you. I also get a lot of, "no Mommy, that's silly" whenever I make a comment. Oh, well. Your guys are so funny. Sorry we haven't run into you at the farm lately.

jules said...

thank goodness i'm not alone in the "don't you know anything, mama?" category. H CLEARLY rolled his eyes at me over the weekend when i told him the TV was napping and he needed to go outside and play. yeah.

and i'm beginning to think the boys know something we don't...H calls him black batman too. huh?

i never got my pie. tom shamed me out of it (i think he was trying to tell me i don't need to single handedly eat a pie/week). i'm just waiting for someone to come visit now. OR maybe i'll just come to your house - chocolate cake, apple dumplings with caramel. what's on the menu today?

jules said...

ps - no wonder you're having a tough time keeping up with comments - THIRTY-NINE?

jules said...

okay TWENTY-NINE. see, even i can't keep up with them.

Nancy said...

LOL! Black Superman HAHAHAHAH

Maggie often corrects Mike's singing...incorrectly. Did you know that Row, Row, Row your boat has a "More, More, More, More" verse? Mike didn't either until Maggie said "No daddy - it's THIS" and sang it her way.

dddiva said...

LOL too cute, where do they come up with these things?
I'll be back when things calm down a bit, really like your blog- very thankful to SITS for adding so much to my reading list.