Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ha! I'm dopey!

I'm going through old photos, and I came across one that I'd entirely forgotten about.

That's me, more than 2 months before the boys were born (I was 29 weeks pregnant I believe). When I still had a sense of humor about things. Do you like my low-tech speech bubbles? Like I'd never heard of the 7,000 programs I could have used to add word bubbles :)

I can remember so vividly how I was cracking up about this when I did it. I'm such a fool. Of course now, almost 4 years later, I'm still cracking up.

For the record, that's N-man saying "It's getting CROWDED in here", and B-man saying "Stop kicking me in the face."


Nancy said...

Guess I'm dopey too. *grin* I laughed at your picture :) that LONG hair I see?? Can't picture it.

Snickollet said...

I'm loving the low-tech. Sometimes it's better than the high-tech.

Congrats on hitting 50K! You are a rock star.

Anonymous said...

That cracked me up too. And I like the low tech signs.

me said...

I love this one and I TOTALLY can hear the boys saying that!

Sheri-ct said...

Love the picture! I think I might remember that from 4 years ago.......time has gone so fast.