Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why I love Sesame Street

How awesome is this?

I guess I should admit that I have a weird fixation on the Goo Goo Dolls, almost definitely attributable to spending my formative years in Buffalo. But come on, isn't John Rzeznik hot? Well, Buffalo-hot, a distinct subset of actual hot (see also: David Boreanaz). I don't know what it is...defined cheekbones? A strong jaw? Beautiful eyes? Kind of messy hair? A wardrobe that consists of more than zubaz and Buffalo Bills jerseys?

Aside from the eye-candy that is John Rzeznik, the best part of this video comes at 1:17, when Elmo plays the fake guitar. You have to watch the guy with the red bandana on his head. It's hilarious. Acutally, he's pretty hilarious throughout the video, as he seems to be an uncomfortable-happy.

It's genius.

My kids love it.

I love it.

What more do you want?


Current NaNo word count: 6366. Had a pretty bad day yesterday with almost no time to write, and a wicked bad headache. So I didn't feel too bad about only hitting a little over 1,000 words, but I have to get back in my groove today. On the plus side, part of why I didn't have time to write is that I spent the morning while the boys were in school visiting a friend with a little tiny baby. Holding a tiny perfectly adorable boy was certainly worth losing some writing time.

Current NaNo attitude: Scared, with a side of pessimism. It's early to be feeling this...going to a write-in tomorrow that hopefully will get me back on track.


Nancy said...

OMG - I LOVED that episode of SS! I DVR'd it just to show Mike :) And that "dude" with the red bandanna is a guy?? I like the Goo Goo Dolls as a band, but don't know anything about them individually ... I thought that perhaps he was a she... ah well.

And I'm right there with you about David B. ... not so sure about John R.

What A Card said...

I've had a crush on Johnny R. since the late 80's. My friends and I used to see them play in half-empty gyms and cafeterias :) I never saw this episode of Sesame Street. I'm just a you tube fanatic. It's so great to find 2 or 3 minute long "shows" for the kids to watch.

I'm surprised you see the David B. thing, but not the John R. thing. They seem to be the same type to me!