Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's a girl gotta do to find a pair of gloves?

Okay, I'm officially putting Kohl's on notice. I'm not ready to ban them for life, but they're pretty annoying. Here's the thing: their prices aren't good. They just aren't. They almost always have sales on everything, but if you price shop, a good number of their "sale" prices are comparable (or still worse) than you'd pay elsewhere. But whatever, as long as you pay attention, there are some good deals to be found.

Until I wanted to go buy a pair of lightweight gloves for the boys today. We have big bulky gloves, but the problem with those is that they're so big and bulky, the boys won't keep them on. I accosted a mom in the parking lot at school today about her son's gloves, and found out she got them at Kohl's. So off I went with the boys.

We get to Kohl's and of course I can't find the kids' gloves section, because their kids' section is an overfilled disaster area. No one is around working, so I went to customer service (right by the kids' section anyway). They get someone to help me, who helps me by wandering around, saying "Wow, I'm sure we must have kids' gloves. I wonder where they are."

Then he gets someone else, who leads me over to their kids' gloves 2 square inch area. And they only sell glove/hat combos. For $15 a piece, and it isn't even good quality, but on the plus side, their "sale" is buy one, get one half off: useful for parents of twins at least! On the minus side, they have one set in the boys' size, and it's a hat with a single glove. Yep, no second glove. The woman says she needs to restock and will be right back with some from the back. Another mom shows up then too to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

About five minutes go by, and B-man announces he has to go to the bathroom. So we go. He takes FOREVER, over ten minutes. We go back to the imaginary glove area, that has still not been restocked. No workers in site, line at customer service is approximately one mile long.

So we left, without any gloves. I would have left without buying anything...I was that annoyed, but N-man, who is NOT potty trained, saw a set of Wonder Pets undies. He asked for them. Oh yeah, baby!

I didn't get gloves, but I do have little N-man in undies. Which is huge, since he would cry every time we tried to get him to wear underware before.

But I'm still pretty unhappy with Kohl's. Unless N-man potty trains, in which case I'll forgive them.


Current NaNo Word Count: 43,054

Current NaNo Attitude: Looking forward to a write-in tonight. I crossed the 100 page mark in Word, which was kind of exciting. I should finish my 50k words this weekend, which will take a lot of pressure off (I have a ridiculous amount of other stuff to do, including minor things like, oh, paying bills), but my novel still has a ways to go (I'm guessing 75k words final).


Ronnica said...

That's great that you're so close to your goal!

Goddess in Progress said...

Ooh, I know the Kohl's of which you speak. I hate it. I've only been there once, at the very beginning of my pregnancy, looking for in-between pants. Everything was a disheveled mess, and you couldn't find anyone to help to save your life. I've heard other locations are better, but ours is particularly awful.

Amy said...

Its freaky how much you sound like the thoughts in my head:) I joke with my husband all the time, oh we should stop by Kohl's cause they're having a ONE day sale-- every day is a sale and who would buy anything there at regular price! ahh at least I hope the potty training goes well for you guys!

American in Norway said...

Potty traiing Yea! Have you checked WalMart or Target for gloves?

Nancy said...

Go N-MAN!! Wonder Pets undies huh? Might have to look for those :)

Epicurean said...

I was just at Kohls last monday for Sam's gloves too and the one closest to us is also a disaster!!! I dont think I've ever been to one that is not (particularly the children's area)! Does your boys like the mittens or the regular gloves? Sam hates mittens...and its so hard to find gloves for her size...