Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lazy Sunday

We're having a lazy Sunday here in the House of Cards. TK played some piano while the kids and I sang and danced around the house. We did a bunch of puzzles, we colored, we made some butterscotch pudding.

Most weekends we're running around like crazy, trying to make it to different places and fit in different errands. It's kind of nice having a day to do nothing. The boys are now playing quietly together (I know, small miracle!), and TK has fallen asleep on the couch. And I'm blogging.

Will the excitement never stop??

I don't know about you, but it's days like these that are special, when we have time to slow down and just be instead of do.

Of course, B-man just complained, "Mommmmm, we're not doing ANYTHING!"

So perhaps I better get on my cruise director hat and switch to "doing" mode!

Michael Chabon is quite possibly the greatest author ever. I should give him his very own label on my blog, since I'm clearly in love with him. I'm reading The Mysteries of Pittsburgh for my book group, and it's so incredibly well-written that I could almost cry. The story is good so far, though no Kavalier and Klay, but the actual writing is such a treat.

I was talking to TK, who argued that you shouldn't notice how well-written something is...that it shouldn't be a distraction. And I agree to a certain extent. I don't like writing where the author is clearly trying too hard to write LITERATURE. You know what I mean, right? Chabon's prose isn't flashy, though it does tend to draw me out of the story sometimes just to marvel at how perfect it is.

What do you think? Any opinions about distractingly well-written novels? Is that a problem? The only other author who has routinely made me stop reading to actually notice his writing is Kurt Vonnegut.

Current NaNo word count: 18,526

Current NaNo attitude: Chugging away, hoping to cross 20k today! I finished one major section of my book yesterday, which was kind of exciting, though I'm feeling the slow down of new characters/world building required in a new setting.


Threeundertwo said...

I get distracted by poorly written books, and I often just abandon them completely.

We always have quiet weekends. We run around like crazy all week, so we slow down. This is a 4-day weekend, so I'll start being a cruise director on Monday and Tuesday.

jongirl said...

Hooray for Lazy Day Sundays! We all need more of them.

Your flu shot lady is right up there with the sales clerk at Macys. I asked where the lingerie dept. was located and she replied "is that towels?"

Then at ToysRUs, the salesgirl had never heard of Sit N Spin!! Kind of like the bank teller never having heard of coins ...

Keep up that word count ... can't wait to buy your book!

Ronnica said...

I always notice how well written a book is (or is not!). It's something I pay attention to. It's not distracting, it's just one of the things I enjoy about reading good literature.

I think you may be right...maybe I haven't aged in the last few years! That'd explain it. I hope that's the case.

Snickollet said...

The Chabon is SO FREAKIN' GOOD. I just started it over the weekend and I'm in love. And you're right; it's the amazing writing.

Bad writing is a distraction. I would argue to TK that noticing good writing is not a distraction, but another level of enjoyment of the reading experience.