Monday, November 3, 2008

How B-man helps my diet

[Fade in on kitchen with mom preparing a delicious Mexican dinner and son standing on a chair, watching. Zoom in on mother opening a can of refried black beans and placing them in a pot.]

Son [excitedly]: Mommy! That looks like POOPIES!

[Close-up of mother looking in pot, disgustedly]

[End scene]


Current NaNo Word Count: 5194 (Woo Hoo! 1/10 of the way there!) To give you an idea of how long that is, it's about 11 single-spaced pages in Word with default margins and font. It's 23k characters (not counting spaces). It's about, hmm, 5 hours of my life? It's a lot of fun!

Current NaNo attitude: scared of the very limited amount of free time I'll have today to write. And tired since B-man, besides making me realize that refried black beans look exactly like poop, also was up half the night coughing (poor asthma kid!)


Nancy said...

LOL!! Hmm...they sorta do, don't they ;)

My computer is limping along enough to leave a comment - woo hoo!

Tiffany said...

You're doing great on your Nano! I saw you on the SITS blogroll and had to come say "hi", especially since I'm avoiding my Nano at the moment. I'm on target with word count, but I really think I should have gone into this story with a story :-)

Ronnica said...

Poop...haha. Sometimes when I'm eating beans I can't shake the feeling that they're bugs and have to throw it out. I know, weird, but if I get something in my head...