Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not Much to Report

It's a nice day today. TK is home, so we've been busy. Then he gave me an hour or so to write. A fun day. I almost forgot to post a blog entry, though!

I made some crispy duck breast with Bok Choy and fried rice for dinner. I thought it was yummy. TK thought it was yummy. B-man didn't eat a bite. N-man liked the duck, but he wouldn't try the bok choy. He said, and I quote, "I don't like to eat grass."

Hmm, bok choy doesn't look much like grass to me. I suspect he's never going to be a vegetarian!

We went to a used book store today, and I got a whole slew of new books to tempt me away from the novel I'm *supposed* to be writing. I'll have to pace myself. I just started Reefer Madness.

Okay, that's it. I really do need to get back to writing. I've only written about 1,500 words today, and I'd really like to hit at least 2k. Of course, tomorrow should be a good day (knock wood) with the boys in preschool in the morning and a write-in in the evening. But I'm still trying not to slack off today. I don't want to be playing catch-up tomorrow!


Current NaNo Word Count: 24,371...almost half-way there!

Current NaNo Attitude: Getting hit by the "this is so terrible!"'s. Trying to power through them. I'd rather have a terrible novel finished at the end of the month, than no novel finished! I'm also wishing I could have talked a friend into this crazy journey. It'd be fun to have someone along for the ride. Oh well...


Annie said...

Hey, I work with www.mochaclub.org, a non-profit that works in Africa. I saw that you were on the NaBloPoMo list, and we'd love for you to blog about our new campaign on Nov. 24th. The campaign is centered around this idea – at Mocha Club, we have always cared about building an accurate perception of both the challenges that Africans face, and the BEAUTY of Africa. We need bloggers to help get the word out. Please email our director at barrett[at]mochaclub[dot]org if you would be interested in hearing the details!

Rhonda said...

I LOVE used bookstores. Email the name in case it's one I don't know about. Please. :)

Nancy said...

heh I have a friend who always says "Salad is what food eats"

Ronnica said...

Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up! My brother's girlfriend mentioned that she'd be interested in NaNoWriMo...maybe next year I could talk her into joining me (no, I haven't made up my mind to do it, but if I do, next year would be the year).

Epicurean said...

I love your stories about the boys. Especially the "quotes". I always laugh at them and then share it with hubby. Your boys are funny. Sam needs to learn that from them. They're clever and smart!