Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ghosts and Bats, Oh MY!

Halloween was so fun! Last year, we tried to trick-or-treat, but the boys were too nervous...they hated to go to doors and, you know, actually see people. How horrid!

But that was 2.5 years old. This year, 3.5 years old: what a difference! They loved it! They loved seeing everyone's pumpkins and decorations. N-man would point at every single thing and say SPOOKY, except that when he says it, it sounds like FOOOOOKY, which for some reason cracks me up. B-man still didn't like to talk to strangers, but he happily followed N-man around, and waved at everyone since he didn't want to talk. N-man ran up to everyone and said Happy Halloween and Trick-or-treat and Thank you. He even ran right into a neighbors house he was so excited.

It was hilarious.

And now we have a massive pile of candy. That our kids aren't allowed to eat. I know, it's a tough life I have, having to eat tons of Reese's Peanutbutter cups and Snicker's bars.

Breaking my general rule of no pictures, here are my kids incognito enough for me:

N-man, our little boo:

B-man, our little bat-boy:

B-man technically wasn't supposed to have his face painted, but once he saw N-man's face, of course he needed face paint, too.

Is it just me, or do they look somewhat reminiscent of Johnny from Karate Kid? Maybe it's just because I know B-man was wearing a skeleton shirt under his bat costume.


Current NaNo word count: Zero. Hey, it's only like 2 minutes into November. What do you want?


Jen said...

you go girl!

I need sleep... someone MUST TURN OFF SCI FI!

Tonya said...

what sweet ghosts & bats

Jess said...

Your pics makes me smile - I'm loving the ghostie stance and I'm glad they had fun.
Toothbrushes at the ready!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Thank you for sharing cutie pics!!


PS....PLEASE ditch the word verification thingy!!

jongirl said...

Surely, there never was a cuter ghost or bat!! Wish we could have been with you, but thanks for posting the photos. Adorable, adorable, adorable!

Andrea said...

That is a bummer that they can't enjoy the candy, but hey - more for you, right? =) Super cute outfits.

TMI said...

I love the costumes. The bat's white face is extra scary, but to be honest I have a very real fear of bats. Aaaah! Happy Halloween! =)

Nancy said...

Well, I started to comment before and my computer crashed, so here I am trying again...

When I first got to your post, I was like...something is different...but I didn't realize what it was until you mentioned the photos! LOL (I'm a little slow). Very cute pics :)

Love the Karate Kid reference ;)

Tiffany said...

So cute. Glad you broke your rule to share!

What A Card said...

Queenie Jeannie, dude, you're bossy! Hee, just kidding! Thank you, I thought I had comment verification turned off.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by; I've loved to see all the fun Halloween posts everyone has had up!

Tranquility said...

Aah, you have to eat all that candy yourself??? Poor thing! ;)

Love the little costumes - so cute!

Epicurean said...

They're so cute. We have to hang out soon. Sam would love to play with your boys!
Just FYI...I failed on halloween, good for you about the candies. Not so much for us. Didn't realize it would be that hard ( its like she's stronger and more aware now), she kept fighting halloween night so we GAVE IN. We didn't want her to have a tantrum infront of family visiting so WE GAVE IN. SO I am admitting to you that she was the parent that night, not me and Bri!