Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Worst movie

Another topic courtesy of one of the write-ins I attended. I'm guessing you've figured out we sometimes got a little distracted!

What is the worst movie you've ever seen?

I've got to give it up for Johnny Mnemonic. It doesn't even cross the line from awful to funny. It's just...awful.

Also in the running: Star Wars Episode I, and the third installment of The Matrix (I can't even be bothered to look up the title is how bad it was).

What's your vote?

And on the flip side, I have to mention Clerks, which contains some of the most ridiculously bad acting ever to grace the big screen. And yet the movie is STILL awesome. Nice.


LauraC said...

I'd have to vote for Volcano as the worst movie ever. I worked at Blockbuster at the time it came out (as well as my environmental engineering job) and we literally laughed out loud at the insanity of that movie.

At one point, a guy jumps into LAVA and throws his friend over his head past the lava. He then proceeds to MELT into the lava, wicked witch style.

Another bad movie that comes to mind is The Saint. You know the one where Elisabeth Shue plays a physicist who wrote her secret formula on cards but they were just in the wrong order? Yep, that's how real scientists works.

I have to agree on Clerks. I still quote that movie. "Don't xxx anyone on the way out to the parking lot!"

Nancy said...

Oh. Cry Baby. All the way.

What A Card said...

Oh dear, I really liked Cry Baby. In fact, I've watched it many times. And not just because of Johnnie Depp, though that doesn't hurt...

And Laura, I routinely quote Clerks, too. Well as much as is appropriate, which in my mommy-life, very little. But we often have "salsa sharks" in our house!

me said...

Johnny Mneumonic has always been my vote. We must have discussed this at some point.

Goddess in Progress said...

Ecks Vs. Sever. Holy crap. M and I went, figuring it would be a dumb action movie, but it had a little something for everyone. Antonio Banderas for me, Lucy Liu for him. We left the movie with our mouths hanging open, appalled at how bad it was. Mind-bogglingly bad.

Transporter 2 is also a contender for that title. And I enjoyed the first one for what it was - an action movie with a teensy-tiny poor plot. But the second one... wow. Just awful.

Ronnica said...

How about Hillary Duff's Raise Your Voice. Now, I know I'm not young enough to have seen it, but I did with friends. Her character's relationship with her brother looks more like a boyfriend/girlfriend thing than a brother/sister thing. The seen where he dies (early in the movie)? I totally laughed. Inappropriate, yes, but it was just the acting was just that cheesy.

Amnesia said...

I hated The English Patient. HATED. Also, Thin Red Line (think that is what it was called). Oh, also didn't like Jarhead. I am so certain there are others, but luckily, like pain, my brain chooses not to remember that stuff.