Friday, November 21, 2008

Overheard at the Coffeeshop

Today, while the boys were at school, I went to a coffee shop to write for a while.

My writing was going...roughly, so I was kind of sitting there, thinking. And listening to the other people at nearby tables. This is what I heard, and it's an EXACT quote, as immediately after I heard it, I wrote it down on the back of my receipt as it was so funny.
Women have become unreasonable in their unwillingness to accept the term 'mankind'. [pause] They like to squawk a lot.

All this was said very matter-of-factly, by one older man to another.

I just about cracked up.


Current NaNo Word Count: 46,204

Current NaNo Attitude: I'm so close, both to 50k, and also the end of my novel is in sight. And I'm stuck. I need a kick in the pants.


Nancy said...

*smack* there's your kick :D Did it work?? :)

And LOL!! I'm not sure I would have been able to stop myself from laughing if I had overheard that...

Mary Ellen said...


Anonymous said...

You know, you are not really at 46k until you update your online word count (or did you since the last time I was on the webpage?)


Epicurean said...

Men!!! Or should I say, MEN!