Sunday, November 16, 2008

These half years are tough!

2.5 years old was rough. 3.5 years old is shaping up to be a challenge, too.

Guess what caused a 45 minute meltdown today for N-man? I unzipped his coat instead of TK.

Poor baby! It's tough to be three and a half!


Current NaNo Word Count: 35,699

Current NaNo Attitude: Real life is intruding big time. It's finally a nice-ish day after a lot of rain, so TK and I went out with the boys to rake endless quantities of leaves. The other day, I was stopped at a light and the house across the street from the light had FORTY-ONE bags of leaves out. I'm hoping we don't break that record.

What does this have to do with NaNo? Nothing. Except that I wasn't writing while I was raking. And dry leaves always make me cough. And the neighbor has a wood burning stove, so now I smell of dry leaves, bonfire, and sweat. It's a lovely combo, not at all distracting from my writing. Oh wait, you can't hear my sarcastic tone.


Nancy said...

oooh been there! I totally hear you about those 1/2 years. No one warns you about THOSE. We're actually seeing the light as we're approaching 4...

Epicurean said...

Ahhh, poor boy! Sam broke down tonight when the dog wanted to lay on his own pillow. I somehow just stood there staring and wondering why she was now claiming the dog's bed.

jongirl said...

Four tupperware cups ... yellow, green, orange and brown ... and only one could have the yellow. MAJOR crisis time! I finally made a chart of whose day it was for yellow. Thank goodness the happpy moments far outweigh the tear-hair-out moments!