Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where is the love?

I think I'm starting to find the problem with NaBloPoMo...I don't know if I've got thirty consecutive days worth of interesting posts.

Am I boring you? Wait, don't answer that!

But my comments have taken a huge hit...where are you all?

So today I thought I'd have an interactive post. Who is your celebrity crush? I didn't get much response to my post yesterday about how John Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls was super cute, so I thought I'd find out who you think is super cute.

And hopefully end some of this comment silence. Come on, friends!

For ages, Brad Pitt has been my celebrity crush. But I think Matt Damon is taking over the title. I don't know, I'm kind of between celebrity crushes at the moment.

Do you like how shallow I am, talking about cute celebrities the day after the election? Nice, huh? Well, I do have a lot of friends who were McCain supporters, and I hope the next (at least) four years are better than they fear. Heck, I hope the next (at least) four years are even better than I hope!


Current NaNo word count: 8,404

Current NaNo attitude: Running out of the plot that was well-defined. I'm now into the more grey, less elaborately plotted section. It's exciting and scary. I'm going to a write-in tonight, so I hope to have a pretty big word count day. We'll see if the muse agrees with my plans!

Oh, and I write way too much dialogue. Some one told me once that meant I should be writing scripts instead of novels/short stories. So I said, "but I'd prefer to write novels and short stories, so that's what I'm doing."


Goddess in Progress said...

I do think that's arguably a downside to NaBloPoMo. I think readership is good, but there's also comment fatigue. Not to mention it's hard to be consistently interesting for a whole month. :-)

As for celebrity crush... in terms of sheer attraction, definitely Matt Damon. I also think George Clooney only gets better with age. But my celebrity geek-crush is, without a doubt, Alton Brown.

American in Norway said...

Crap... I have no idea who my Crush is... I know I have one... but it has been such a crzy day I can not think of who it is at the moment... Oh wait a couple on my list... that I would for SURE hook up given the chance.... (its OK, my hubby isn't worries) Jens Stolenburg (the Norwegian PrimeMinister... he is HOT...) Robbie Williams the singer... (your know he is dirty..but who cares...)& most of the guys on Greys...

Snickollet said...

Oh, totally Matt Damon. He can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. I could spend the rest of my life watching the Bourne movies on an endless loop. The man is seriously hot.

And um, also: Barack Obama :). Do you like how I linked celebrity crushes and the election?

LauraC said...

I called my mom to have the boys say Happy Halloween! and she said "I'm coming to visit. On Monday. With my new boyfriend you haven't met before."

(that's why I've been MIA from most places)

Celebrity crush = Kyan from Queer Eye. I even wanted to name one of the kids Kyan. Jon shot that one down. He's just so HOT and sensitive.

Matt Damon any day.

Marlena said...

You have great taste in men...John Rzeznik is my fantasy man....also love David Boreanaz(got to meet him). Just had to comment and tell you....
I'm 44 and have a myspace

Nancy said...

Hmm...prolly could have read this before chatting at pick-up today ;)

Apparently I have a lot of boring things knocking around in my head, cuz I'm not yet feeling the pressure of having to post daily :)

But it's definitely slowed down the commenting (that and a busted computer). I've noticed a slight decline as well...thought NoBlo was supposed to BOOST readership?

Oh ya, Matt Damon is a *HOTTIE* for sure. As for geeky-hot, I'm diggin' Zachary Levi - the guy from Chuck. He's such a melt your heart geek kinda guy. *grin*

And...just to put it out there...if I "swung" the other way...I'd totally be all over Julia Stiles. Not that I DO swing that way...and not that you asked...and not that there's anything wrong with that...

Nancy said...

uh, ya - that'd be *NaBlo* ... I'm sure NoBlo is something else entirely...

kindsfather said...

Leonardo DiCaprio is fairly enticing... I used to be a huge Andy Garcia fan, but he got old. And is losing his hair...and that is just not sexy to me. Odd - I cannot think of many stars that I think are hot. Why is that?

What A Card said...

Hee, Nancy, yes, it would have been fun to discuss the hottieness that is Matt Damon at pick up. Of course, if we started talking about your NoBlo comment, we might have been shunned by the rest of the moms ;)

And how neat that Matt Damon is almost universally crushed upon.

American in Norway, I think you'll hold the record on most unexpected celebrity crush. I did have to look up Jens Stoltenburg, and you're right: cute!

Nancy, girl crushes are a whole 'nother topic. Perhaps a NaBlo post for another day. My girl-crush: Kristin Bell.

Marlena, so glad to see someone else out there gets the whole John R. thing.

Mary Ellen said...

Celebrity crushes.... I do like George Clooney. And Jake Gyllenhaal, even if he is like half my age. And Barack Obama! Obama! Obama!
Oops, sorry.

Jen said...

who are you?

i agree with goddess.. i have comment fatigue.

for my celebrity crush, i'd have to go with the hottie on the reality show Workout on Bravo.. *whistle*

Andrea said...

Stopped by from SITS...I think my celebrity crush at the moment is Christian Bale. He's the first one that came to mind, anyway. :-D

Rhonda said...

I don't have a crush on any of the celebrity hotties. Not really my style. I do adore Jeff Goldblum and John Cusack. I'm totally in love with Goldblum's sense of humor and Cusack reminds me a of cuddly teddy bear. I suppose if I had to pick someone just for the sake of being eye candy, then Shemar Moore from criminal minds is a beautiful man.

Nancy said...

Oooh Jake Gyllenhaal - how'd I forget him?? Definite hotty.

And Mike was reading over my shoulder cuz I was laughing...he says that the "NoBlo" comment would actually have the daddies shunning us. LOL!

So ANYWAY...the real reason I came back is cuz I left something for you on my blog :)

Melodie said...

My all-time, for more than twenty years now, crush is Johnny Depp.

As for Matt Damon... There is no way I will ever be attracted to him because he looks way too much like my little brother, and that's just weird!

Laura said...

The lead in the AMC show Mad Men.
He is CUTE.
I've always had a thing for Tim Matheson and Alec Baldwin too.
I'm old.

Epicurean said...

Current crush..has to be James Marsden. Just the thick hair gets me all the time and his eyes. And of course Jake Gyllenhaal, especially when he wasn't shaving for awhile. Dont know what it is about scrubby looking men!
As for comments, I now understand what you mean and I thought of leaving a comment yesterday but ever since the week before Halloween, I've been running around like a mad woman. Don't know what it is but hope it doesn't continue 'til christmas or I'll be wiped!

Giovanna Diaries said...

James McAvoy! Totally crushing on James McAvoy!

Amy said...

aww, I read this yesterday and didn't have a chance to comment, but definitely Matt Damon! My friends have always made fun of this b/c no one else really agreed but so glad to know there are others out there that understand his appeal.

Ronnica said...

Brad Pitt and Matt Damon? I'll go for that. Add in George Clooney and you have the Ocean's trifecta. I suppose if I had a celebrity crush, you could definitely narrow it down to those 3. And Hugh Grant.