Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ugh, I keep getting turned away!

Okay, I'm getting a complex.

I get sick. A lot. But luckily, rarely seriously (knock wood!). Especially with twins in preschool, though, I catch a lot of minor colds.

What does that mean, besides that I'm constantly just a little bit sick? Well, I found out a few weeks ago it means I can't donate blood, even if it's just a runny nose.

More annoyingly, today I got turned away at the flu clinic. The nurse heard me coughing in line, and she said, "No flu shot for you!"

When am I supposed to get a flu shot, then? If I can't get a flu shot when I have a cold, isn't November a little late to have the very first (and only) flu shot clinic? Granted, I've been sick on and off since mid-September, and that probably would have been pretty early to get a flu shot, but come one! Doesn't everyone have a cold by the time November rolls around? Shouldn't they have let the "normal" folks get flu shots last month, instead of only offering them to "high risk" patients?

I swear, next year I'm arguing that having kids in preschool should qualify me for the "high risk" group.

What a pain in the patootie. If it's so important to get a flu shot (and I agree that it is), why do doctor's offices always make it so inconvenient to get one? I told the nurse today that I had to get my flu shot, even though I was sick, because I wasn't going to risk the flu this year. Luckily, she said once I was better, I could call and make an appointment to get a shot; she didn't think there'd be a flu shot shortage this year. So now I just have to hope that I can shake this cold before I catch the next. And that she wasn't kidding about them not running out of flu shots.

Have you gotten your flu shot?


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LauraC said...

I just got back from getting my flu shot. They said as long as you don't have a fever or are on antibiotics, you're fine to get it. (Jon has a cold and we're running into the same problem bc he always gets every cold the boys get.)

Rhonda said...

I got mine at the Target clinic a few weeks ago. I had a cold, but since I didn't have a fever, the nurse was fine giving me the shot. Sorry you are having so much trouble. I also hope you don't have the killer cold that put me in bed for two days this week. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Giovanna Diaries said...

I never got the flu shot and have only had the flu once in my life. My kids on the other hand get it every year. They are considered high risk b/c of their prematurity and asthma. They had theirs a few weeks ago.
Hope you feel better soon. And if you go next time and still have a cold take major cough suppressant so they don't hear all your barking on line.

maggie said...

I posted on your FB page too and saw your response. That nurse was an uninformed idiot. Seriously, take the guidelines with you. And in case you didn't know, you are high risk b/c you have asthma :)

This INFURIATES me. I work every day to make sure people have access to flu shots, and then stupid clinicians tell people to go away. A good reminder of the importance of provider education....

Nancy said...

My whole family was able to get in to the "early" shots because the kids are all under ... uhmm.... 6? 18? I can't remember which. And 3 out of the 5 of us had colds.


Anonymous said...

Having kids under 5 you are considered high risk. At least that is what they told me when I called and I got a priority apt. at the doctor's office in early October. They also told me that the whole family should get the shot because of having young kids and they didn't care that I had a slight cold. Bummer - I think that you got a bum deal with a crazy nurse!

Ronnica said...

I've never gotten a flu shot and I've only gotten what I assume was the flu once. I'm pretty clockwork when I get sick with cold/allergies. I always get the same symptoms in the same order. I'm in a cycle now...and hoping to kick it soon!